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LockN'Load for your Land Rover

A Yakima heavy duty roof rack built tough for your Land Rover Discovery. Modern, rock solid and functional.

Compatible Land Rover Models

Model Configuration Load Rating RRP (inc GST) Retail Part No. Crossbar or
Platform Pack
Leg Pack Kit/Track
Height Packer
Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4, 04+ (Rear Bars)
Custom Track Instructions
2 Bars 75 kg $520.00 YLLR001
8000508 (x2)
RRP:$105 (x2)
Not req
Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4,  04+ (Front Bar)
Custom Track Instructions
1 Bar 35 kg $259.00 YLLR002
Not req
Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4, 04+
Platform D

View Instructions
100 kg $1,313.00 YPLR002D

Platform E

View Instructions
100 kg $1,273.00 YPLR002E


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High Lift Jack Holder High Lift Jack Holder Carry one high lift jack on your crossbars or LockN'Load Platform.
Recovery Track Holder Recovery Track Holder Carrying solution for popular recovery tracks
21mm Slot Adapter 21mm Slot Adapter Adapt other accessories to your LockN'Load setup
Awning Brackets Awning Brackets Mount an awning to your bars or LockN'Load Platform
Spare Wheel Restraint Spare Wheel Restraint Secure one spare tyre to your platform.
AceO'Spades AceO'Spades Carry those long pieces of gear that doesn't fit in your vehicle
LightN'Up Light Bracket Kit LightN'Up Light Bracket Kit Easily mount your lights on your LockN'Load or Whispbar HD crossbars
Load Roller Load Roller Protect your crossbar and make it easy to load/unload your gear
Load Holder Load Holder Hold your gear in place
Eye Bolt Kit Eye Bolt Kit Create an extra tiedown point
Axe/Shovel Bracket Axe/Shovel Bracket Because you should never leave the house without an axe and shovel. Hi-Lift Jack Carrier Hi-Lift Jack Carrier Carries your car jack, or a very tiny man named Jack. Light Mounting Bracket Light Mounting Bracket Mount lights of virtually any size or shape to the front and / or rear of your basket. Loadwarrior Loadwarrior A perfect mid-sized car roof basket for getting your gear where it needs to go. With the LoadWarrior you'll make the most of your car's carrying capacity, whether it's sports equipment or luggage. Loadwarrior 18" Extension Loadwarrior 18" Extension Increase your LoadWarrior's cargo capacity by 40%. Loadwarrior Stretch Net Loadwarrior Stretch Net Make sure all of your stuff stays put no matter where you go or how fast you get there. Megawarrior Megawarrior This massive roof rack basket will mean that no gear or kids get left behind on your next trip because the car was too full! Great for large vehicles- it fits easily straight onto your roof racks. Megawarrior 22" Extension Megawarrior 22" Extension Beef up your MegaWarrior's rooftop cargo capacity to epic levels with this extension that adds a whopping 40% more basket space. Megawarrior Stretch Net Megawarrior Stretch Net Keep all your precious gear inside your MegaWarrior basket, even on bumpy back roads. Spare Tyre Carrier Spare Tyre Carrier Make room in your car by clearing out excess vulcanized rubber.

Heavy duty roof racks with a super tough design. With reduced wind noise and secure, lockable covers with SKS lock cores and keys. Designed in Australia, by an Australian engineer to suit Australian conditions. These roof racks will take the grunt of an offroad adventure and survive to tell the story.

We currently have fitments for the Discovery 3 and 4 with more models to come.