13th November 2017

An amazing place in Australia for mountain biking is Tropical North Queensland. The breathtaking scenery makes for a unique experience with trails specifically for the sport. Whether you are into extreme riding or just for recreation, there is something enjoyable for all in Cairns. Explore this tropical paradise the best way possible: on your bike at your own pace!



Smithfield Trail may be the most popular rainforest trail in the world. It was home to the 2014, 2016 and 2017 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships - you may have seen us there. Only 20 minutes away from the Cairns Airport you’ll find the luscious rainforest that has been shaped by volcanic activity, creating the perfect environment for growth. It is home to several trails all within the Smithfield National Park. Here you’ll find the best hills in the country for mountain bikers. Enjoy 60km of trails through the jungle designed for experts as well as trails for the novice rider. Look for green markers for trails for beginners, blue for more intermediate, and black and black diamond for more technical trails for the experienced rider. 



You will find all sorts of different environments to discover on the Atherton trails. There are rainforests, the outback, plenty of agricultural land and waterfalls to see. Single tracks, family trails, extreme biking tracks, and backcountry roads can all be explored here. Try the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park with trails made specifically for mountain bikes. There are plans to expand these trails across the tablelands to link towns, making for a fabulous mountain biking experience that can last for as long as you want it too, seeing new things every time.



Davies Creek is a quiet track that is situated away from the busy-ness of towns and cities. The trail has been made appropriate for mountain biking. It’s not terribly challenging, but you will need to put some work in for some of the climbs making it enjoyable for mountain bikers. The whole trail network is 21km long and is an estimated 1-2 hours.
These are only just a few of the trails available in Cairns. Bump Track is a fun one that is true to its name. If you find smooth trails boring, then this 2km incline and 4km hills and bumps will keep you focused. If you want a ride that is perfect for the family, then the Musgrave Track will take everyone through the World Heritage rainforest of the Djiru National Park.



Cairns is home to quite a few events throughout the year. Many of the local clubs host their own events that can last for a day to over several days. Atherton Mountain Bike Club has several events during the spring months such as the AFMTBP King & Queen of the Mountain Enduro. One-day events include the FN Tastic Ride in October.
The Mareeba Mountain Goats Club love events and host many throughout the year. Cassowary Coast Multi-Sports Club also host fun outdoor sports events that include mountain biking as well as kayaking and running. Great for the all-around sports lover!
If you are the ultimate mountain biker and want to take on one of the toughest bike races in the world, then the Crocodile Trophy is for you. There are eight stages and 650km to get through. Your skills will be tested over these tracks including being at 12,000m of elevation. The Crocodile Trophy has an S1 UCI status and is the oldest mountain bike race. It takes place in September.
Another fantastic event is the RRR MTB Challenge. This race is the longest in the world “point to point.” The Classic RRR (Rural, Rainforest, and Reef) is 35 km, and the Endurance RRR is 70km. The RRR MTB Challenge runs in June.
Ready to test the limits? Want to do some extreme biking or just come to grips with a new hobby while seeing some of the best scenery in the world? Then get yourself and your mountain bike to Cairns. To do so safely, and to make sure there’s enough room in your vehicle for the family not to be cramped and for other equipment, then a roof rack will do the job. Yakima offer bike racks for the back of your vehicle and roof racks that keep multiple bikes secure during your journey. There’s no excuse why the whole family can’t get in on the mountain biking fun!
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