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20th August 2013

Yakima Bike Rack

As a mum of three, the ability to fit the two bikes and pram in the car is painful. Once it becomes three bikes, there is no way I will be able to fit the bikes in my boot, so I like many other mums looked at getting a bike rack. Unfortunately like so many other mums my time is often limited and thus very valuable so I do not wish to be constantly having to set up and dismantle the bike carrier. Also I wanted to find a carrier that wouldn’t limit my ability to get into the boot. Enter the Yakima Hitch Doubledown Ace 4 – Bike Carrier.
Upon opening the packaging, the bike rack was easy to set up and took hubby less than 10 minutes. We were impressed with the quality along with the look and feel of the product. They have three lever holding points that can connect to each bike. The bike rack came complete with two extra straps to secure the bikes into position and limit the amount of movement that would happen with each bike whilst driving. This is good as movement from the bikes whilst driving is dangerous.

Another feature that I found impressive was that you are able to fold the bike rack down while it is still attached to the car without having to take it off the car.

Unfortunately our kids bikes did not fit onto the rack yet as they are too small (12inches), however a 16inch children’s bike should fit on perfectly so the rack would be perfect for the family with older children.

The hitch bike rack is fantastic as we can secure it to not only my car, but also to hubby’s and our camper trailer when we go on holidays - YAY! I love the flexibility that this brings. The fact that it carries up to 4 bikes means that it will carry most of the family’s bikes.

Other Features & Technical Information:

Compatible with 2" and 1¼" (class 1, 2 or 3) hitch receivers right out of the box
SpeedKnob™ attaches the rack to your car quickly and without tools. For added security, SpeedKnob also locks the rack to your car.
Optional ArmLock locking cable to provide security for your bikes
Tilts away for rear-of-vehicle access
TRIGGERFINGER™ technology lets you fold arms down with the press of a button
Sliding SWITCHBLADE™ anti-sway cradles eliminates bike-to-bike contact and improve ease of loading
Use with TUBETOP™ to carry bikes without straight top tubes Integrated bottle openers
WEIGHT: 16.3 kg (36 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: About 111.8 cm (44”) high by 35.6 cm (14”) wide. Distance from the end of the tongue to the end of the arms when folded down is 40.6 cm (16"). Distance from the end of the tongue to the closest part of the rack is 34.3 cm (13.5"). Distance arms down is 30.5 cm (12") center to center.
CAPACITY: 4 bikes. Total weight, 54.5 kg.

RRP: $349

Available From: Anaconda and 99 Bikes.

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