6th March 2014

Well, Western Australia is a huge place with a huge range of bike trails to match. There is lots to see and do in WA including outback adventures, checking out the sea life and trekking through the forests. But if you have an itch for some great bike trails, you might like to add some of the tracks in this guide to your itinerary.

The Goat Farm

Where: Greenmount, WA (26 km east of Perth)

Difficulty Level: Easy, Intermediate, Difficult, Very Difficult

The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park is an area located on the edge of Perth and is totally designated to mountain biking. With 2 downhill runs, 3 cross-country tracks, a four-cross course and a new skills park, this park caters for a range of riders. These tracks range from 440 m to 6 km and include some great berms, drops, tough rocky sections, tough uphill climbs and fast flowing downhill sections. If you are a gutsy and experienced rider ‘Gravel Rash’ is known as the toughest and most technical trail in the park. This track takes you on a fast downhill trail, through a series of tight berms, onward through a technical rocky section and over a bermed drop off before you come out at the bottom of the hill. The Goat Farm is a popular mountain biking destination for Perth riders and visitors.


Kalamunda MTB

Where: 45km east of Perth

Difficulty Level: Easy, Intermediate, Difficult

Kalamunda Trails are an expanding network of almost 40 km of singletrack. This was originally the Kalamunda Circuit, but has expanded to new trails at Gunjin and around Scorpion Trail. Intermediate through to advanced cross country riders will get the most out of these trails with the rock gardens, log roll overs, jumps, log rides, ladders and drop offs. Be ready for unavoidable obstacles and enjoy the ride.

Pemberton Forest Park

Where: 330 km south of Perth

Difficulty Level: Easy, Intermediate, Difficult

Pemberton Forest Park is an exciting trail network located on the outskirts of Pemberton, WA. The park has a little bit for

everyone, from beginners to intermediate to expert. The trail includes two downhill slopes, a 1.5km cross country skills loop and an awesome jump track. If you are up for a challenge, the Relentless Blue Cross Country Track is a 4.5km long trail that keeps you on your toes with technical features. This track includes a series of turns, uphill and downhill sections, log rollovers and rock gardens. Before taking on longer and trickier tracks you can warm up and get pumped on the cross country skills loop.

Grizzly Trail

Where: Wellington National Park, WA

Difficulty: Intermediate, Difficult

This is one of the most popular trails of the Mount Lennard mountain bike trails in Wellington National Park. This trail is narrow and has some technical mountain bike features for those who are after something tricky. It winds through 6 km of forest and descends from Mount Lennard on an average 4% grade. Both pros and beginners can enjoy the Grizzly Trail and the challenges it offers, including bermed turns, log rides and rocks. If you are a beginner we suggest you take it a little easy and stay focused at all times. If you need a little extra incentive for the ride, when you reach the end of the trail a brewery is right there waiting for you.

Feature image source: pkbrutsch

Pemberton image source: Richard Masoner

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