13th March 2014


Tasmania is home to a variety of mountain bike and cycle trails that range from scenic to heart pumping. Whether you are interested in exploring the island on cycle trails or you want to take a more high speed and rough mountain bike approach, you will find a plethora of options to choose from. This guide will take you through just a few of the great trails in Tasmania.

Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park

Where: Glenorchy (10km north-west of Hobart)

Difficulty level: Easy, Intermediate, Difficult, Very Difficult, Extremely Difficult

The Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park is designed by world-acclaimed course designer Glen Jacobs. Glen has designed world championship courses as well as the Sydney Olympic course and has said that there is nothing else like the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park in Australia. This bike park features cross country, dirt jumps, downhill, mountain cross and northshore tracks. Some of the tracks include big jumps, drops and obstacles, so be ready! The cross country track isn’t too complicated in terms of technical features, however you will come across a few tree roots, rocks and logs as you make your way down the windy descent.

Mount Wellington

Where: Mt Wellington (13 km south-west of Hobart)

Difficulty level: Easy, Intermediate, Difficult, Very Difficult

Whether you are keen for some family mountain biking or want to hurtle yourself down a more advanced track, Mount Wellington has you covered. The Pipeline track is an easy track that is suitable for families and inexperienced riders. The North South Track gives experienced riders a more challenging ride with the option of hurtling over a few jumps. This track winds across the mountains and eventually descends 500m to Glenorchy MTB Park. To get to the start of the track you will need to go to The Springs car parking area on Mt Wellington road. Don’t be fooled by the gentle first kilometre because it soon meets with the original section of the track new Shoobridge Bend. At this point you can expect more technical features such as jumps, log rides and a boulder field. The log rides and jumps are optional, so if you don’t think you can pull them off you can stick to the main track.

Blue Tier Descent

Where: Launceston, TAS

Difficulty level: Intermediate, Difficult

The Blue Tier Descent includes 11 km of trail that links the deserted town of Poimena and Weldborough. This trail offers a variety of terrain including myrtle beech forests and ferns, rocky descents, granite outcrops and creek crossings. If you don’t have someone to drop you off at the top and pick you up and the bottom it’s a good idea to start down at the Weldborough Pub and ride up the descent trail (towards Poimena) before launching yourself down the trail. For those who are lucky enough to have a comrade to drop them off, you can start from the top end of Poimena and head down the track. This trail is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders and includes some technical downhill maneuvers that will keep you alert and have your blood racing.

Bicycle Touring in Tasmania

Where: Tasmania

Difficulty level: Easy, Intermediate

There are also plenty of places to cycle around Tasmania, from one-hour scenic routes to epic 3 week cycling holidays around the island. Hobart is a great place to start with great tracks that take you to discover historic homes at Battery Point. You can also jump on your bike and make the beautiful and impressive 1270m climb up Mount Wellington. Hobart is a great place to stay if you want to explore some of the key cycling destinations in Tasmania. To find a trail that suits you visit the discover Tasmania website.

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