Surfing Spots Near Good Coffee

14th March 2018

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee unless it’s combined with some of the best surfing areas you can find. Whether it is before or after a surfing session, a cup of coffee can really set the perfect mood. Here are some of the surfing spots around Australia where you can also find delicious coffee.

Avalon Beach

Avalon Beach in New South Wales has several places to catch a cup of coffee before you catch the waves here. The Swell Café is very popular and top-rated for coffee in Avalon. There are several other places to try including The Sneaky Grind, The Chelsea Tea House, and Beco Avalon.


This area of Western Australia is known for its gorgeous beaches and the great surfing waves that come with it. The Ningaloo Bakehouse & Café is a good place to fuel up with hot coffee and pastries to go with it, as well as light bites. The Short Order is another café that has been dubbed “best coffee in town” by many, and it is located close to the shore. Bean Gypsea coffee is located near the Ningaloo Holiday Park and promises the perfect cuppa every time!

Turners Beach

In Yamba in New South Wales, there are some of the most world-famous surfing spots in the world. Turners Beach is special as it has left-hand breaks on the northern side and right-hand in the southern. There are quite a few places to choose for good coffee right on the sandbar. The Uptown Café and Bar has some great ocean views you can take in before hitting the waves while sipping some of their delightful coffee or travel to Bean Scene Café where they are proud of every cup they serve, and it goes great with their cake too!

Victor Harbour

85 km south of Adelaide lies Victor Harbour where Knights Beach, home of the Pro Bodyboarding Competition and Waitpinga Beach, where a consistent 3m wave is found. You’ll need your strength for these hotspots, so be sure to try one of the many delightful coffee shops. Café Bavaria has been deemed “the best coffee in Victor Harbour” by many. There is also the Qahwa Espresso Bar and Roasters where of course you’d expect to find an excellent variety of freshly ground and brewed coffee, and they certainly don’t disappoint here.

Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay lies about 150 km east of Canberra in NSW. This is an ideal spot for surfers thanks to many breaks that occur within a few minutes. There are very easy breaks at Broulee Beach which is perfect for longboarders and beginners. Great coffee can be found at Nourish on North where true to its name, you can get the nourishment your body needs before and after a day out surfing. You can also give Crumb Café a try, as they were nominated for the best coffee on the Far South Coast!


Caloundra in Queensland is home to a few beaches that are loved by families and beginners. Moffat Beach is a popular spot due to the perfect point breaks. It is also home to the Ma and Pa Bendall Classic, the country’s oldest surf competition. If you would like to have a go yourself, then be sure to try out one of the many coffee bars here. Lamkin Lane Espresso Bar, the Pocket Espresso Bar, Coffee Cat and others specialise in a good cup of coffee, priding themselves on offering rich and hot brews.

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