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28th November 2013

Revolution MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine take a look at the Yakima High Roller Bike Carrier

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Roof mounted bike racks have been around for ages. However, over the past 10 years, we’ve seen the old standard fork-mount bike racks become more and more obsolete. Who wants to remove their front wheel all the time? Not to mention the headache of having to make sure the rack is even going to work with the axle size of the bike that you’re riding that day.

The High Roller is Yakima’s top-of-the-line roof rack and it is about as versatile as you could ever wish for. It is capable of carrying any type of bike with 20” to 29” wheels regardless of frame design or front axle configuration. It carries bikes by clamping the front wheel and tyre. This is especially sweet because it eliminates the rack having to have any contact with your frame.

First up lets talk installation. The Highroller comes in the box ready to install. Simply drop the rack onto your car, adjust the clamp location and tighten.

It took me about 5 minutes to install without even having to skim the instructions booklet - it’s that easy.

The HighRoller is well built, and sturdy enough to handle even heavy downhill bikes. The HighRoller comes with a cable lock that extends from the front wheel clamp. We like the cable lock, it is easy to wrap around the downtube of all of the bikes we used to test the rack. Yakima recommends that the rack be secured to the crossbar on your vehicle when not in use.

Of the five different roof rack mounted bike carriers that we’ve tested during the past year or so, the Highroller is without a doubt the easiest to fit and remove a bike into. Since the only thing that touches the rack is your wheels, you don’t have to worry about scuffing your frame. And tightening the bike down literally takes just a few seconds with barely any work. And taking it down is just as fast and easy too.

Yakima Australia retail the Highroller for $299. For more information visit

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