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Your Kayaking Guide to the Northern Territory

14th April 2014

The Northern Territory is home to some of the most impressive natural wonders of Australia. Whether you want an outback or coastal adventure there is plenty for paddlers to see and do.

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Your Kayaking Guide to Western Australia

8th April 2014

Known for it's white sandy beaches and long days of sunshine, Western Australia is a great kayaking destination all year round. It's got everything a keen paddler could want - islands, lagoons, reefs, waves and whitewater.

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Your Kayaking Guide to New South Wales and the ACT

1st April 2014

Paddlers could spend months exploring the beautiful and thrilling waterways found throughout NSW and the ACT. With over 890 great beaches along the NSW coastline and a massive network of rivers and creeks in both states, they are a kayaker's paradise.

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Your Kayaking Guide to Queensland

26th March 2014

If you want to go on a kayaking adventure in Australia, Queensland is a great place to start. It boasts awesome beaches, rivers, beautiful coral reefs and plenty of places to explore.

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