Yakima SkyRise Village Has Launched South Tyrol Italy

Yakima SkyRise Village Sexten Rooftop Tents

Here at Yakima, we’ve never been good at sitting still. After all,  we don’t have wide sides; we have wild souls. For over four decades, we’ve been transforming the way people travel throughout the US, Canada and the last 10 + years in Australia and New Zealand, and given the love of the outdoors, the wide open spaces, huge mountains ranges to explore, Europe was always going to be next.

More and more people are realising that roof top tents transform cars into mobile homes with little effort. More freedom, more mobility, closer to nature. “You see more and more cars with roof tents, which is why we are seeing a growing interest in our products,” says Dirk Janz from Yakima in Germany. That is why he put the idea of ​​making the roof tent feeling stationary in the Caravan Park Sexten a reality - with all the comfort of a five-star campsite.

The plateau of the Yakima Skyrise Village in the Caravan Park Sexten, standing on stilts, consists of five units. If you climb through the hatch to your tent next to the idyllic babbling brook, you will see the imposing massif of the Sexten sundial. The parcels on which the Yakima Skyrise tents of size M with a lying area of ​​1.42 x 2.43 m are located are equipped with a power connection and separated from each other so that there is enough privacy for all parties. It is also possible to connect and stow bicycles and sports equipment under the plateau.

The Yakima SkyRise HD Tent can accommodate up to three people. This "tent holiday with hotel comfort", as Dirk Janz calls it, is intended to arouse interest in trying out a roof tent. The demand is huge, says Janz, especially before a purchase decision is made. If you decide to buy a roof tent after testing it in the Yakima Skyrise Village, you will receive a 5% discount (at participating dealers). But Janz also has families or larger groups of friends in their sights with the Yakima Skyrise Village: "For children, it is often the greatest thing to spend the night in a tent - here it is easy." gets too tight: no problem! There are four more in the neighbourhood.

Be sure to check it out for yourself – Caravan Park Sexten

Last updated: 28th June 2021

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