Camping Made Easier - Yakima

Water Roof

If you own a kayak, surfboard, or any water-faring vessel you know the struggles associated with transportation. Worry no longer with Yakima's water roof products.

Water Ute

Streamline the camping packing process for your ute, with Yakima's water ute products. Transform your vehicles tray into a multi-sport, multi-level carrier.

Water Load Assist

Yakima is setting a new standard in watersports racks, with our water load assist accessories. Making storing your kayak or water craft easy.

Water Accessories

Do you need an anchor or heavy duty straps for strapping your watercraft to your vehicle? Yakima's range of water accessories will surely help.

Cargo Roof

Yakima's cargo roof accessories range makes transporting your cargo easy. Carbonite or steel, there are an array of different cargo roof accessories to suit your needs.

Cargo Basket

Eliminate the indecisiveness that comes when packing for your camping trip with Yakima's cargo basket range! Versatile and rugged, they will carry what you need, wherever you go.

Cargo Bags

Yakima's cargo bags are a fantastic way to add cargo space! Best of all, Yakima's reasonable pricing won't break the vacation budget.

Cargo Ute

Don't have any limits on your camping trip. Use Yakima's cargo ute accessories, allowing ute owners to transform their vehicle's tray into a multi-sport, multi-level carrier.

Cargo Accessories

Carry more on your next camping trip, with Yakima's cargo accessories range. Whether you need to carry a spare tyre or even an axe, Yakima has you covered!