StageTwo increases load rating To 31.75kg per bike

When we set out to create the StageTwo premium hitch tray rack, we had the goal of creating the strongest, most durable rack that we could make while maintaining a premium look and feel. With that in mind, we have always believed in quantitatively over-testing our products to meet and exceed ISO standards. This includes putting ridiculous amounts of weight on all our racks to stress test, pull test, cycle test by using shaker table to simulate real world on and off-road abuse, and road loop tests that include rugged backroads, making sure to hit all the potholes, and more!

We recently decided to put our StageTwo back through its paces and found that we can safely increase the weight rating from 27kg per bike to 31.75kg per bike. Why does this matter? Because we know that bikes are getting heavier. E bikes are rad, and we wanted to make sure you can not only bring yours, but you can also bring your friend's as well. For more details regarding off road and RV load limit reductions click here.

More Clearance, Stadium Style.
Stadium tiered trays create more room for the rack when driving up steep slopes, driveways, and while off-road, decreasing the chance of your bikes hitting the ground while driving mom’s minivan.

Stadium tiered trays also create clearance for the bikes as there’s nothing more annoying than repositioning bikes, saddles, and handlebars to make your bikes fit. StageTwo’s stadium seating and offset trays give you the clearance you need.

Zero Bike Frame Contact
Our sculpted front wheel hook is shaped to avoid contact with the frame and fork, while easily press fitting the tire only to secure the bike. This gives you the peace of mind that your bike’s are safe as you bounce down the road.

Remote Tilt Lever that’s easy to reach
You know what’s annoying? Reaching behind loaded bikes to lower your rack in order to get into the back of your vehicle. Our forward-facing remote tilt lever means fast access to the rear of your vehicle.

eBike Rated update
A new “eBike Rated” sticker will be available for dealers to place on the outside of the StageTwo cartons or on the product itself. These updates highlight StageTwo’s versatility for carrying a wide variety of bikes.

Yakima StageTwo is available now at your nearest Yakima dealer.

Last updated: 24th January 2023

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