How do I get a mini number plate for my bike rack so it's legal in Australia?

Yakima’s PlateMateTM accessory number plate holder complies with all the relevant Australian state regulations is super easy to install

Everything you need to know about bicycle rack number plates in Australia.

Updated 28/01/2021

Imagine this: You’ve got your bike rack on the rear of your car with your bikes loaded. You’re driving along ready for an awesome day cycling when, all of a sudden, the police pull you over because a bike is blocking your number plate. It may not land you in jail, but nothing ruins your day more than an on-the-spot fine! Here’s how you can prevent this happening to you.

Firstly, make sure your car is fitted with official, standard-sized number plates. Secondly, if the official number plate on the rear of your vehicle is covered by a bike or bike rack, you’ll also need to get a mini accessory number plate that displays the registration details and allows your registration details to be seen clearly.

As well as being visible from 20 metres away, you must make sure the mini number plate is clean, free from dirt and illuminated so it can be seen at night or in poor light conditions. Even if you leave a bike rack on your car without any bikes, if the number plate is obscured, you may still be fined.

Get the right mini number plates for your state

Getting a mini number plate might seem like a hassle and leave you out of pocket. Isn’t it easier just to make a copy of your number plate, laminate it and slap it on the bike rack? You could, and many cycling forums suggest just that. However, we suggest that you don’t.

Fake and DIY number plates are considered illegal and could land you a fine and possible loss of demerit points. Best to just purchase the plate.

Each Australian state has different ways for you to order your mini number plates and different rules to follow. Prices and details on mini plates vary state to state. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy and listed them all here for you.


Where to order
NSW Online at or phone 02 9433 1600 $45.00
QLD Online via $31.45
VIC Phone 13 11 71 or visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre $35.10
SA Online via $31.00
WA Online via DoTDirect $28.60
TAS Complete the MR171 form available at $18.63
ACT Phone 13 22 81 or visit an Access Canberra location $43.50 (metal)
$77.80 (plastic)
NT Complete an application form and email it to † $68

† In Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory, you have the option to relocate your existing number plate rather than purchasing a separate bike plate.

New South Wales (NSW)

In NSW, mini number plates are referred to as auxiliary plates.

Auxiliary plates in NSW will cost you $45.00

Where to order

NSW offers all the options for ordering your number plate. It’s really easy:

myPlates says your plates will be delivered in 21 working days, although some eligibility criteria apply.

Learn more about auxiliary plates in NSW

Queensland (QLD)

QLD refers to mini number plates as accessory plates.


If you own standard QLD registration plates the cost of an accessory plate is $31.45

Where to order


PPQ says your new accessory plates should be delivered within 12 to 14 working days.

Learn more about accessory plates in QLD

Victoria (VIC)

Driving with an obscured number plate in Victoria or improperly displayed number plate will see you lose demerit points, as well as an on the spot fine. Please also note, when driving at night the number plate must have sufficient lighting to ensure it remains visible. If you’re not keen on buying a mini plate then you’re able to attach your rear number plate to the bike rack. Just make sure to put it back on your vehicle when you’re done. If that sounds like too much effort, you can get another set of plates from VicRoads.

Bike rack number plates in Victoria start at $35.10.

Where to order

VicRoads says to expect delivery of your new plates within 14 working days.

Learn more about bike rack number plates in VIC

South Australia (SA)

In 2015, the South Australian Government doubled the fine for driving with an obscured number plate, with a maximum fine of $2,500. Like Victoria, in South Australia you have the option to remove the rear number plate and attach it to the bike rack or purchase a special bike rack number plate. However, make sure you if you order an additional plate it is a bicycle rack number plates and not a standard number plate. While you can move the standard rear number plate, you cannot display the rear number plate and a standard number plate on the bike rack at the same time.

Bike rack number plates in SA cost $31.00

Where to order
In SA, you can order your bike rack number plates online from

EzyPlates advises on their FAQs that number plates can usually be collected from a customer service centre 10 working days after placing your order or posted to you for an additional fee.

Learn more about bike rack number plates in SA

Western Australia (WA)

In Western Australia, mini number plates are called auxiliary plates.

Auxiliary plates in WA will cost you $28.60

Where to order
Auxiliary plates can only be ordered online via a DoTDirect account.

You’ll be asked to nominate a DVS centre, Department of Transport office or by the authorised agent to collect the number plate. You will receive an email when the number plate is ready to be collected, but this may take up to four weeks.

Learn more about Auxiliary plates in WA

Tasmania (TAS)

In Tasmania, the plates are simply called Bike Rack Number Plates.

Tasmanians are in luck as the fees for mini number plates are the cheapest in the country at only $18.63.

Where to order
Complete the Application for a Duplicate or Bicycle Rack Number Plate form available on the Department of State Growth’s website and head to a Service Tasmania Shop to order and pay the fee

The Tasmanian Government advises that Bike Rack Number Plates may take 4 to 6 weeks to make, so be sure to plan ahead!

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

In the ACT, you'll need a new bike rack number plate that's the same number and material as your existing number plate.

ACT bike number plate prices start at $43.50 for metal and $77.80 for plastic.

Where to order

  • In the ACT, you’ll have to head to one of the Access Canberra locations
  • You can also phone the Access Canberra Contact Centre on 13 22 81

Learn more about bike rack number plates in ACT

Northern Territory (NT)

As with Victoria and South Australia, in the Northern Territory, you are able to relocate your existing number plate. Alternatively, you can purchase an additional number plate from the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR). Number plates issued elsewhere or homemade are considered illegal.

According to, a remake of your existing plate will cost you $68

How to order

Download an Application for Remake or Transfer of Right to Display Number Plates form and email the completed form to, mail your application or apply in person at an MVR office. MVR will then call you to take a payment on a Visa or MasterCard.

The plates generally take six weeks and will be available for collection from an MVR office.

Learn more about number Plates in NT

Bonus tips for keeping your bike rack and number plates legal

PlateMateTM makes it super easy to legally display your accessory number plate in Australia
LightMate – Accessory number plate holder with lights. The bigger brighter brother to Platemate.
    • To avoid any run-ins with the authorities, make sure your bikes don’t obscure the brake lights or indicators as this can also be classed as an offense and a safety issue.
    • If your vehicle isn’t registered for any reason, it is an offense to keep the number plates (both official and mini sized). You’ll have to return them to a transport office in your state.
    • If you are looking for the easiest way to attach your mini number plate to your bike rack, Yakima’s LightMate and PlateMateTM accessory number plate holders comply with all the relevant Australian state regulations and are super easy to install with the Velcro straps included.

These tips will ensure you can have a fun day cycling with peace of mind as you travel with your bikes.

Last updated: 3rd February 2021

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