Aero Bar

Design, Uncompromised

Sleek and seamless design that enhances the appearance of any vehicle type.

Performance, Uncompromised

A decade of research in automotive design and aerodynamics. The Whispbar system is engineered for the least possible wind noise, drag and to deliver superior performance

Sleek, Head-turning Form

Whispbar’s original designer was a former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, and his passion for clean lines and purposeful aesthetics remains. Whispbar by Yakima means:

  • Crisp good looks that would be at home in any modern art museum
  • An innovative design that drastically reduces wind noise, drag and vibration
  • Pin-drop quiet, fuel efficient performance on the road

Solid, Long-lasting Function

This line of products is still Yakima at its core. Elegant and beautiful, to be sure, but every bit as durable and purpose-built as our name implies, offering:

  • Whispbar SmartFoot™ Technology, adaptable to a variety of roof mounts
  • Reliable, virtually indestructible strength and stamina
  • Included locks for security and peace of mind

Whispbar SmartFoot™ Technology

Whispbar SmartFoot™ technology affords a custom rack fit to your vehicle using precision engineered Whispbar SmartFoot™ fitting kits, which are simple to install.