Advice For Remote Off-Road Driving

Heading out for some off-road driving? Here are some helpful tips to get you prepared!

Off-roading is an increasingly popular activity that takes you and your vehicle past the limitations of the paved road to gravel and sand, across fields and valleys, to destinations beyond your wildest dreams. In the comfort of your vehicle, cross dry riverbeds filled with boulders, up mountains to beautiful vistas that take your breath away. Adventurers of every shape and size can enjoy the thrill of an off-roading expedition, and with the Yakima roof racks and accessories, there’s enough room for all your friends and their gear.

The most important thing to do before heading off road is to make sure your vehicle is prepared for and can handle the adventure ahead. 4WD vehicles are required for most off-road areas, and inspections are common, be prepared to be turned away if your vehicle does not meet requirements. Supplies for safety should be kept easily accessible in the vehicle including a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. The further you get from people the more prepared you need to be including plenty of water, food, and supplies is strongly encouraged, as well as having a non-cellular communication device like an HM radio or satellite phone. Remember in the summer when temperatures rise it is vital to remain hydrated and protected from the sun. Never adventure alone.

Now that you’re packed and ready to go with all your gear and supplies the most important thing to do is check the weather forecast and road conditions! Most local governments issue road advisories after heavy rains or major weather events that can affect your ride. Remember while driving off-road, mud, rocks and debris can shift and cause unforeseen hazards, it is important to be prepared and never overestimate your driving skill- there is nothing worse than being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The best days to head out are when there has been little or no rain and courses have had ample time to dry. Always obtain a local guide of maps, local contact numbers, and advisories to have in case of an emergency.

Ready for Adventure and don’t know where to go?

A Lap of Australia

The great loop of Australia is an epic undertaking legendary for taking the adventurers on a wild ride through all Australia as to offer, from red deserts to lush green forests and brilliant blue oceans meeting the whitest sand. Using a durable tent, camp with ease along the beautiful coasts- an incredible experience for anyone up to the challenge.

Tarkine, Tasmania

An offroad adventurers dream through Australia’s largest cool rainforest, taking paths past majestic trees, still rivers and breathtaking waterfalls. Ride over boulders and rock formations seemingly from an alien land. The Tarkine Rainforests hosts paths for drivers of all skill level. Bring everyone along for this monumental trip with the Yakima MegaWarrior, with enough room for everyone and their gear, no reason to leave a friend behind.

Madigan Line, North Territory

This notoriously treacherous trek is a challenge for beginners but with the right planning and Yakima’s LoadWarrior is easily accomplished. Plenty of properly stored fuel and water will give you a leg up on this desert crossing track that takes you far away from civilisation, where you are alone with the sand and stars.

Fraser Island Queensland

Take your 4WD adventure to the waves on Fraser island where you can get your fill of beached shipwrecks, stunning cliffs, and stunning vistas. This island is filled with lakes and streams to swim in and plenty of wildlife to watch. Beautiful jungle trails to white sand beaches offer something for every traveller. Bring along your kayaks and paddleboards easily with Yakima’s Showdown Premium load assist board mount to get the most out of your visit.

Last updated: 10th October 2018

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