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Our good friend Courtney Hancock has been a top sport and answered some of her fans questions - thank's Courtney and thanks to all you guys that got involved :)

- What is the most embarrassing song on your workout playlist? 

I have some pretty hip songs that I use during training to keep me going and my favourites are "Roar" by Kate Perry and "All the Single Ladies" by Beyoncé. Probably the most embarrassing song would be "Spice up Your Life" by the Spice Girls.

- I do 10 wheet bix how many do you do!!!

 When I was 16 my best effort was 24 (true) for breakfast after a swim session one morning but I was very sick for the rest of the day. Kelloggs Special K was my favourite cereal but these days I like fresh fruit, greek yogurt and muesli plus a squeezed orange juice. I regularly snack during the day and that is when my Kelloggs energy bars are great.

- Andrew Sweeney asks; Will you marry me ?

Thankyou Andrew, but my boyfriend would not be too pleased if I accepted your offer. I am sure there is a wonderful girl out there somewhere for you.

- Do you like Taiwan? and do you plan to go to Taiwan? (from Yakima Taiwan)

Yes, I would love to travel to Taiwan some day. Different cultures and places really excite me and I love travelling overseas. If there was a surf carnival there, I would be there in a  flash.

- When you look in a mirror, where's the first place your eye goes to...?

When I look in the mirror I see a mop of wet untidy hair, usually after swim training or just getting out of the surf .

- How do you break through pain barriers when you train by yourself

During training my thinking is very much about the here and now and going the very hardest I can. I train with some very good athletes and I have no trouble at all getting motivated to push my limits. My training is about trying to duplicate the racing I do, so when it comes to the competition I know I am ready to go my very hardest from the start to the finish.

What is a good spray or cream to rub on dogs ears to keep the flys away??

I have two blue Staffys and an Aussie terrier. Flies have never been an issue for them although midges are, because I live on a waterway on the Gold Coast. I would probably talk to my vet if I needed an answer to the flies.

When you were younger was there any sibling rivalry with your sister?

All my three sisters did Nippers and we were all very competitive. Even when we would go down to the beach after school we would have a body surfing competition or see who could catch the biggest wave on our boards. We have always supported one another and that continues today as we all live on the Gold Coast, although only Bonnie and myself have continued to compete in the NutriGrain Series.

- How much do you train a week in the swimming section?

I do 4 swim sessions a week in the pool at the Miami Swim Centre. My coach is Dennis Cottrell. I also do a lot of surf swimming and body surfing during the sessions I do at the beach.

- What do you have for breakfast?

Breakfast is the meal I most look forward to during the day because it follows a hard swim session or a couple of hours in the gym. I like fresh fruit and muesli and definitely love a freshly squeezed orange juice. As a change I sometimes have poached eggs, spinach and avocado on grain bread. I am very careful with my diet and regularly see a Nutritionist to check that I am doing all the right things. I have a great sponsor in Endura and they provide the supplements I take to keep me  healthy.

- What inspired you to want to become an iron woman?

From my first memories growing up I was playing in the sand and water at the beach. I just loved the water and because we lived on the beach front I could take my board and catch waves every afternoon after school. I would also watch the Ironmen and women on the TV with my family and cheer on my favourite who was Karla Gilbert. Growing up all I wanted to be was like Karla and she was then and continues to be an inspiration for me.

and thanks to Steve Johnston, who didn't have a question as such, but simply wrote "Stunning!" Steve: we agree!

Last updated: 6th November 2013

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