The Best Way to Carry Pipes, Timber, Glass, etc. on the Top of Your Trade Vehicle (For Tradies)

Having a trade vehicle usually means you have supplies that need to be taken safely to the worksite. If they don’t fit in the vehicle, the other option is to put them on top. However, this isn’t always the safe option if you don’t have the right gear for it. Yakima has the solution for you, and it comes with loads of benefits too!

Transporting gear safely

Yakima offers reliable solutions for getting those pipes, timber, glass and other equipment to your worksite with our roof racks, like the Through Bar and Whispbar HD.

Each of these bars of part of Yakima’s Whispbar system. These roof racks were designed after a decade of research. Areas such as automotive design and aerodynamics were looked at to be able to come up with the best solution for vehicles to be able to transport cargo the best way possible. It allows the vehicle to stay fuel efficient and stay quiet. You won’t have that wind noise or drag like you may have experienced with other racks in the past.

The Through Bar is adapted to carry a lot of gear. If you are transporting lots of wood, then the Through Bar will help you take more massive quantities in one go. The Whispbar HD is also great for the heavy-duty loads. It is incredibly sturdy and built to last for maximum performance in transporting goods.

Why buy Yakima?

Yakima has been constructing sturdy and reliable products that have been safely transporting cargo since the 1970s. In that time, we have created a massive range of products designed for today’s vehicles and equipment. Each product has had years of research behind it, ensuring it keeps equipment and vehicles safe. Tradies have used our products as their clients trust them to provide a good job, and that starts with transporting the right tools and equipment needed to get a good job done.

Tax benefits

Tool, equipment and other items needed to perform a job for income may be eligible for a full or partial tax deduction. If the equipment is used solely for work, then you can often deduct 100% of the costs. If they are also for personal use, then the percentage of work usage can be deducted. The of repairing tools and equipment may also be eligible for a deduction.

A tax deduction can also be applied for transporting of goods. You need to be able to prove that your employer expects you to transport these goods, there is nowhere safe to store them on the job site and that the tools and equipment are definitely required for the job. There are also possible tax deductions for work vehicles. These must be used solely for work purposes though.

If you want reliability, then Yakima products are the way forward. If you’re unsure on the best products for your vehicle, then give us a call to discuss your needs. We’ll help you find the best way to transport your equipment safely.

Last updated: 28th March 2018

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