Do you think that just because you’ve got a small car, it means you can’t have roof racks? This is a common misconception. In fact, there are plenty of roof racks which are suitable for small cars. We’ve put together a guide to roof racks for small cars, so you can find the perfect one for you and your car.



Whispbar’s Flush Bar has the lowest overall drag and offers the quietest ride possible. Worried that roof racks don’t look good on your car? You don’t have to worry about anything with the Flush Bar. It combines the sleek style of your car to have a sporty silhouette. The aerodynamic design reduces noise to nearly zero.


The Flush Bar has a clamp mount, making it easy to clamp directly to the edge of your roof under the door. The roof rack has a load rating of 50kg. This stylish roof rack is the perfect accessory for your hatchbacks.



Looking for a roof rack with great carrying capacity? Look no further than the Through Bar by Whispbar. The bars extend beyond the mount points, which means there is more space for your belongings.


The Through Bar is a clamp mount and easily clamps onto the edge of your car’s roof. This roof rack has a load rating of 75kg, meaning it has great carrying capacity. With it’s T-slot, you’ll find there is seamless mounting for Whispbar accessories.



Prorack’s P-Bar offers both outstanding quality and value. The Prorack smartfoot system means the P-Bar suits many, many models. If you own a small car or a hatchback, you can be assured that this roof rack is the right one for you.The P-Bar has a 75kg maximum load rating. This roof rack offers outstanding value for money.



The Yakima ForkLift roof rack is perfect for those who need to transport their bikes on their roof. The ForkLift has a simple installation and removal - you won’t even need any tools. It’s easy to position the rear wheel of your bike with the easy-to-adjust sliding wheel tray. The bars don’t even touch the painted surfaces of your bike, so you don’t have to worry about your bike being damaged by the roof racks. This roof rack is quick and easy to instal, making life a breeze for the next time you need to transport your bike.


Note that this roof rack is only suitable for bikes, not heavy loaded pallets.


Once you’ve found the perfect roof rack for your car, don’t forget to look at Yakima’s range of roof rack accessories. Yakima even offers roof rack accessories that are perfect for snow and water activities, so you’ll be completely prepared next time you go on your outdoor adventure.

Last updated: 27th June 2017

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