Couples Guide to Camping

Sometimes the most romantic gestures aren’t city breaks or big fancy restaurants. They’re often the simpler things in life, like a night under the stars and a meal cooked together right from a campfire. Australia is home to many places that are great for that romantic camping trip that has a more personal feel while getting back to nature. Our guide will help you plan a dreamy camping trip not to be forgotten.

Deciding where to camp

The first thing to do is to decide where to go. Do this as early as possible just in case you need to book. You don’t want to be left disappointed. For a romantic trip, you want somewhere that is private with a good view of the skies. You don’t want to be stuck setting up a tent next to a family on holiday. Freycinet, Tasmania, for example, has camping in the national park with no obtrusive buildings or even sounds to bother you. It’ll be just you and them and nature. Alternatively, a “glamping” hut such as those at Kimo Estate in New South Wales usually offer a secluded space with wonderful views of the skies that go on forever. South coast Retreat, New South Wales, offers an array of glamping options such as a safari style tent that opens up to beautiful views of the ocean.

What to bring

In addition to the normal things you may have to bring like a tent, food, and must-have day-to-day items, these accessories are ideal for setting the mood:

  • A sleeping bag…for two! – Get a large sleeping bag to snuggle in
  • Camera – …and we don’t mean your phone! A Polaroid is a great option for capturing those memories
  • A bottle of champagne and plastic wine glasses – Who says you can’t have a bit of luxury while in the wild? A sip of bubbly around the campfire is certainly not something to be missed
  • Portable speaker – Music is the language of love. Get all the best romantic tunes on a playlist before you go

Plan a dinner

Whether you pack the perfect meal for two ahead of time or decide to cook together over an open fire, make sure you get in a lovely dinner (complete with the dessert and champagne, of course!)

Plan activities

Camping isn’t just about setting up the tent and sitting around a campfire. The area you go to is bound to have activities to enjoy together, such as wood walks and kayaking. If you are on the beach, then take up a few surfing lessons. No matter what the activity is, you’ll be having a good time and making memories with your partner.

Keep it a surprise

The most romantic gesture is surprising your loved one with a planned trip away. Try to keep it a secret if you can, as surprises like this are definitely considered a huge romantic gesture!

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Last updated: 13th February 2018

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