12 DIY Camping Ideas That Are So Simple, It’s Stupid

Camping is an incredibly fun way of getting out into nature and enjoying some relaxing time away. Don’t let the thought of being away from the conveniences of everyday life stop you from what can be a thoroughly enjoyable time with nature.

With these super easy DIY camping ideas using household items, camping will never be easier!

Hand Washing Station

All you need is a big water jug, soap and paper towels for this super easy washing station. Add an optional bucket to catch the water on the ground so it doesn’t become too muddy.

Homemade Lantern

Some lanterns are far too bright to leave on in your tent. Try strapping a headlight or another bright light to a water jug. The soft glow is more soothing for night time.

Shake and Pour Pancakes

For breakfast, yummy pancakes or pikelets are definitely a winner. Prepare them ahead of time and bring the mixture on the road with you in an easy to pour jar, where all is left to do is add an egg, water, shake and pour.

Super Easy Eggs

Eggs can easily break on the way to your camping destination. Get rid of that risk by breaking them ahead of time and putting them in a container in your cooler. Making scrambled eggs when camping has never been easier!

Cardboard Egg Carton Fire Starter

Now that you’re putting your eggs sensibly in a jar, why not use that empty box for your charcoal? Put a charcoal piece in each of the compartments and put it in the BBQ or fire pit to light. The cardboard lights easily and soon the charcoal will be going too (but ONLY use cardboard egg cartons and not any other material)!

Pocket First Aid Kit

You probably already have a first aid kit, but it often stays at the campsite. Create a pocket one to take with you on walks in a pill bottle or even small mint tin. Include plasters and over the counter painkillers.

Easy Cooler Ice

Instead of filling up a cooler with ice that will only melt and leave you with lots of water, freeze a jug of water to put in instead. It will keep everything cool without the risk of melting everywhere.

Tin Can Grill

Does your camping area not have a barbecue readily available? Instead of splashing the cash on one, DIY it with a large tin can. This guide explains the steps to take to make your own homemade tin barbecue.

Waterproofed Shoes

Sometimes the Australian weather can be unpredictable. Don’t get caught out and let the damp ruin your day. Waterproof your shoes ahead of time easily with beeswax!

Tent Flooring

The hard ground isn’t always the most comfortable place, even with a sleeping bag and mat. However, with just some foam flooring squares from a children's daycare centre, you can add an extra layer of insulation and comfort to your tent.

Toilet Paper Container

The last thing you need is for your toilet roll to get wet or dirty. Protect it in a large jug or can with a small slit on the side where you can pull it out from.

Easy Campfire Dessert

For an easy, sweet, ooey and gooey treat around the campfire, use ice cream cones! Fill them with chocolate, marshmallows and fruit, cover in aluminium foil, and roast for a few minutes over the campfire for a delicious, chocolate dessert.

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Last updated: 31st May 2018

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