Everything You Need To Know About Australia's Largest Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

Get your helmet and bike shorts ready while we look into Australia’s largest downhill mountain bike trail!!

With overall intermediate ratings, we advise caution, however, get ready to have an intense amount of fun on these trails. Read on to find out which is the largest downhill trail in Australia.

Stromlo Forrest Park Trail

Despite its short length, the one mile double black Stromlo Forrest Park trail puts up a solid fight to be Australia's largest downhill mountain biking trails, with its steep drops and high hills it's a crowd pleaser, and easily one of the best trails Australia has to offer. Grab your Yakima Fullswing hitch mounted bike rack and grab some friends for this adventure because even though its rated a double black diamond, it's not quite the largest downhill ride.

Tasmanian Trail

At over 400 km in length, the Tasmanian trail takes the rider to the top of the mountain and around, through overlooks, past wildlife and rivers all the way from Devonport to Dover. Water and food are easily accessible from the trail, and there are plenty of options for motels and camping. Campsites along this trail cater to every type of rider, from couples with their Yakima HaldBack rack on their Sedan to whole families with their Yakima LongHaul attached to their RV. Even this monster trail, with all its views and hazards that stretch from one coast to another, is not the largest of the downhill trails.

Finally, there was a winner...

Thredbo Trail

This incredible 10 km long track of almost strictly downhill action makes this the longest downhill track in Australia. Using a ski lift with bikes attached, the rider can take a ride all the way to the top of this great mountain and choose one of two paths that take you coasting at your desired level of recklessness down toward the base of the mountain. With an adventurous option and an equally tame one, this ride is uniquely suited for large groups of varying skill levels to enjoy outdoor adventure time together. This thrilling trail takes you through lengths of mud, gravel, rock, and sand; encrusting the rider in a well-deserved armour of dirt and sweat. The trail rides across meadows of cows, and across country roads, through trees and wooded trails. Mountain bikes and equipment can be rented on site for those who need them

For the best conditions, pick a dry day that's not too sunny or hot to enjoy these biking trails. Exposure to heat and sun during physical activities can catch even the most experienced athlete off guard. As always make sure to bring plenty of water and a snack to keep yourself well fueled and hydrated on the thrilling ride. Even light rain can make a mountain bike trail slippery or flooded causing hazards and additional risk. Always remember to travel with a buddy and make sure someone else knows your travel plans. Emergency phones and first aid supplies are recommended for anyone heading out on these trails, as injuries are common and often severe.

Thredbo is located near the coast of new south wales, close to the Victoria border, along the scenic Alpine way. Nestled between Mount Anton and the Merriangaah Nature Reserve, this trail offers night riding and lift service, making this an excellent destination for those new to mountain biking eager to get some time on the trails, without all the effort of biking all the way up the mountain. Camping is available very close in the Koscuiszko National Park, where they offer full-service campsites with running water and electricity to the grounds. With the Yakima FourTimer adventurers can easily fit four friends, their gear and bikes in for an incredible weekend you’ll never forget.

Last updated: 1st November 2018

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