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Your guide to roof rack accessories

A high-quality roof rack is a fantastic investment to those with a love for the outdoors and adventure. However, you may not be aware that there is a huge range of accessories out there capable of improving your experience.


Even in the lack of specific outdoor activity, there are accessories out there to simply improve your roof rack experience.


The windshield is designed to reduce drag and quiet wind noise.

The windshield reduces noise and increases aerodynamics by moving airflow up and over the rack. The accessory easily attaches to any crossbar and secures with easily-reachable adjustments with the included tool. It is available in four different sizes.

The windshield is a simple, easily installed accessory to complement and improve any existing roof rack.

Shade Awning

An outdoor adventure is fantastic, however, glare, heat and sunburn do not equate to a good experience. The 2mx2m shade awning provides you with quality portable shade solution.

This accessory features high quality and durability with a UV and weather resistant 420g Ripstop canvas coupled with a heavy duty reinforced PVC casing. The accessories telescopic legs feature simplified height adjustment with premium aluminium hinges. You can be assured longevity with the awning's zinc plated and powder coated mounting brackets offering superior corrosion resistance.

And finally, you won't need to stress about complicated assembly and repacking, with dual channel extrusions ensuring the process remains effortless.

This accessory is perfect for those who like to take a lot of outdoor trips without the hassle of glare and sunburn.

Where to find them

For an extensive catalogue of roof rack accessories, check out the Yakima range.



Just as you would ensure that the passengers of your car remain safe and secure by wearing a seatbelt, you want to ensure that the bike you're transporting is left in capable hands. The reality is, you won't always be able to fit your bike, or multiple bikes in the boot of your car. This is where you would utilise your existing roof rack to accommodate this issue.

Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier

The Fork Mount Bicycle Carrier is an aerodynamic roof rack accessory allowing effortless transportation of bicycles.

The carrier features QuickDock technology, allowing people to effortless attach and remove the bicycle when not in use. The carrier fits road and mountain bikes and features an Integrated Lock System to secure the equipment.

This carrier offers a perfect upgrade to the existing bike carrier on your roof rack.

Where to find them

For an extensive catalogue of roof rack accessories, check out the Yakima range.



Not everyone has the privilege of living right by the water. A day out on the boat often means that there is going to be a road trip involved. Appropriate transportation of your water vessel should be a priority in order to ensure you and your equipment arrive at your destination in one piece.

Tie-down straps

Tie-down straps are used to fasten the bow and stern of any boat to your roof rack for easy and safe transport.

The straps feature an innovative, easy to operate ratchet pulley which swiftly secures your boat without the need for complicated knots. They also feature market-leading corrosion resistance to ensure longevity and clear plastic tubes which offer protection from vehicle damage. These straps are multifunctional, suitable for other loads such as ladders and lumber.

You wouldn’t transport a water vessel without security and stability, so this would be a worthy investment for those with a passion for boating.


For the family of boating lovers, the Bigstack allows you to mount up to four boats onto your roof rack.

Your boat will be in safe hands during transportation thanks to HullGuard padding and universal mounts suitable for almost any crossbar. When not in use, the Bigstack can fold easily out of the way. The accessory features a steel tube frame for superior strength and includes heavy-duty straps and tie-downs. It also includes an integrated ramp system which allows easy and painless loading and unloading of your boat.

Crossbar pads

Crossbar pads are designed for the purpose of protecting your gear and crossbars from damage during loading and road transport.

The pads are constructed of wide foam for flexible configuration. They can be used with anything from stand-up paddle (SUP) boards to surfboards and pretty much anything you can put on water.

Crossbar pads are a great addition to roof racks which already feature BigStack, KayakStacker or Heavy-Duty Straps.

Where to find them

For an extensive catalogue of roof rack accessories, check out the Yakima range.



If only we could have a beautiful surface for snow sports right out the front of our house. However, for a majority of people, this simply isn’t the case. When transporting your snow sports equipment on your roof rack, you want to ensure that it stays undamaged throughout the journey.

Ski/Snowboard holder kit

The ski/snowboard holder kit provides a safe and stylish solution for the transport of your snow sport equipment.

With the accessory, your roof rack will be capable of carrying 2/4 snowboards or 3/6 skis. The kit comes with two holders and features rubber cushions for gear protection and prevention of movement. It also features additional roof clearance to accommodate bindings.

The accessory easily attaches to your existing roof rack to ensure your equipment remains unscathed throughout the journey.

Where to find them

For an extensive catalogue of roof rack accessories, check out the Yakima range.


Who doesn’t love a good family fishing trip on the weekend? The question is: how do you transport multiple rods and other equipment without unprecedented damage and taking up too much space in the car? Your roof rack is the perfect solution, however, you want to ensure you have the proper accessories to ensure your gear is protected.

Fishing rod holder

The fishing rod holder easily and sturdily fastens your fishing rod to the roof of your car.

The rods are cushioned and held tight during the trip by high-density foam. It accepts a variety of reel sizes while holding them upright. The holder comes with two fishing rod cradles and two zip strips. This accessory is designed to carry multiple rods or a long surf rod (broken down), perfect for family fishing trips.

Where to find them

For an extensive catalogue of roof rack accessories, check out the Yakima range.



When it comes to large groups, a recurring issue is a matter of space or lack thereof. You won’t always have the capability of fitting everything in the boot and you don’t want to be compromising the passenger’s seat either. Fortunately utilising your roof rack for additional space is a great way to solve your storage problems.

Roof boxes

Roof boxes provide additional storage options for your travelling equipment.

Roof boxes come in a variety of colours and finishes, with the same secure, aerodynamic functionality. They also come in several sizes from the 340L-595L capacity to suit your individual space needs. Features vary from model to model, ranging from Super Latch Security to dual-sided opening, however, all promise an aerodynamic space solution for your outdoor activity needs.

For a person or family with the all-too-familiar problem of overloading the boot, roof boxes are a great roof rack accessory to invest in, instead of compromising passenger space.

Alloy tray

Alloy trays serve the purpose of maximising your gear carrying capability.

The trays come in different sizes, depending on your needs. It features a custom-designed slat clamp which accommodates up to 10 degrees of rack level variation. Wind noise is reduced by smartfill in-channel extrusion. The trays also fit most popular roof rack styles.

This can be considered a smaller scale storage solution as opposed to a roof box. Rather than solving drastic space problems, these trays are more useful for bulky items that may not fit in the back of the car (such as eskys and sleeping bags).

Where to find them

For an extensive catalogue of roof rack accessories, check out the Yakima range.

Last updated: 28th July 2017

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