Hobbies You Can Finally Enjoy with a Roof Rack

Have you ever had interest in an outdoor hobby, only to wonder about the logistics of it all? There are so many different outdoor activities that we should be taking advantage of, but sometimes issues like transportation are an issue. Sure, you can get that boat or those skis, but how will they fit in your car with limited space? That is where roof racks come into play. With roof racks, you can enjoy these outdoor activities by being able to transport your equipment from your home to the area safely. You’ll have the freedom to go where you want when you want, no matter what type of vehicle you have. The list for what hobbies you can enjoy after installing the right car accessories from Yakima is endless, but here are a few of the popular ones you can get out there and try.


Don’t feel stuck inside during the cold months. Skiing and snowboarding are amazing winter activities to take part in. When that fresh snow hits, there’s no time to waste in getting to the slopes. Roof racks for skis and snowboarding are imperative! Yakima makes loading quick and easy. The Fatcat 4 will hold multiple skis and/or snowboards with aerodynamic crossbars. The Fatcat 6 does the same, but with thicker skis and snowboards, so you don’t need to worry if yours will fit. The PowderHound is a great economical choice. They look fantastic while holding even “shaped” skis in place. The Big PowderHound will hold six pairs of skis or four snowboards, enabling the whole family to get involved on the slopes.


There’s no excuse to not get back into the water with Yakima’s range of roof racks for kayaks and canoes. Kayaking and canoeing let you enjoy the water at your own pace. Whether it’s a calm ride across the lake or an adrenaline-filled whitewater ride, you’ll need to get your kayak or canoe to the water somehow. Roof racks for canoes and kayaks come in many forms. The Bowdown is just one good option for kayak transport offered by Yakima, and it folds down when not in use. Having a family outing or going with friends for a day out? Up to four kayaks can be secured with the Bigstack. There are also a number of accessories for kayak and canoe transport, like with the Boatlocker with paddle cuffs that keep your boat and paddles safe when not in use.



Australia is well-known for its gnarly waves. If you’re looking to catch some of them, get your board there in one piece with a roof rack for surfboards. The Supdawg will carry two 36-inch wide boards down to the beach. With easy loading and a secure locking system, you will be hitting the waves in no time. Have a thicker paddling board? Try Suppup with extra padding to secure even the thickest of paddling boards.


One of the best ways to explore new areas is by bicycle. It allows you to take trails that cars can’t and stop and enjoy the scenery every once in a while. Perhaps you like long-distance biking and want to try out the perfect trail, or maybe you want to go mountain biking and attempt new terrain. There are so many different styles of bikes for each type of activity; there is sure to be something everyone enjoys. Trying to fit the whole family’s bikes in the car though can prevent you from getting up to the best places for sightseeing. Roof racks are a great solution for this. Yakima have both roof racks for bikes and hitch loaders that can carry multiple bikes and keep them safe during the journey, preventing any damage. Whether you have a car or truck, there is something that will lock that bike in place and prevent wheel movement during transport.


Prone to spending a few days in the great outdoors? Like to get closer to nature with camping? Camping can be a great family activity. Getting there should be half the fun, but it won’t be if you’re trying to stuff everything into the boot of your car, making for tight spaces for those in the back. Yakima is here to help with a number of solutions Traditional roof racks will hold your equipment for kayaking and biking, but you can also use it to carry the family’s camping gear. There are different variations too, like the durable traditional roof boxes or Cargopack that hold an additional 450L of cargo space with a strong, water-resistant bag, so it stays safe in the elements too. You can also opt for a roof basket and net to keep bulky items in place. Get your tent and other essentials for a night under the stars to the perfect destination easily.

Find the Perfect Roof Rack for Your Hobby and Vehicle

Whether you want to kayak, ski, bike, or do a whole range of outdoor activities, then a roof rack will definitely be of some assistance. At Yakima, you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong one for your car and equipment. Our handy Vehicle Finder tool will show you the roof racks and car accessories that are suited to your car.
Yakima has an abundance of extra features you can choose from to make transportation of your equipment easy, such as swing or tilt hitches that hold multiple bikes and speed knobs that make locking everything in place faster than ever, seeing you out on the road and off to fun quickly.

Yakima products will keep your equipment in place, no matter what it is and where you’re going. Adventure awaits!

Last updated: 28th August 2018

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