The Most Instagrammable Spots Around Australia

It’s no secret that Australia is a stunning country, which is why so many citizens and tourists alike are keen to show off the beauty through social media. With so many places to explore, we’re helping you find the most picturesque locations in the great Down Under for that perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

Bondi Beach

According to Instagram themselves, Bondi Beach was the most pictured location in 2017. This is due to the sparkling blue-green waters and what seems like endless sandy shores.

Sydney Habour Bridge

It’s no surprise that Australia’s most iconic location would be on our list. The world’s largest steel arch bridge looks stunning against dusky or sunny skies.

Sydney Opera House

In addition to the Bridge, Sydney Opera also makes the list as an obvious choice of Instagram-worthy shots. The distinguished building is immediately recognisable.


There’s something majestic about the red rocks of Uluru. The desert also seems to change colours during the day. Uluru is definitely a unique location.

Gunlam Falls, NT

There is something beautiful to be seen in every corner of the Kakadu National Park, but the natural pool on top of Gunlam Falls during sunset is absolutely breathtaking.

Fraser Island, Queensland

In the middle of Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, you’ll find a freshwater lake as turquoise as the precious stone.

Innes National Park, SA

Shipwrecks are waiting to be explored here along the coastline at Innes National Park! This is camping hotspot with all there is to discover here.

Darling Harbour

There are some amazing views to be had of Sydney’s skyline from Darling Harbour. Be sure to visit at night to see it all lit up.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

The jagged peaks of Cradle Mountain show off the rawness of nature, something photographers love.

Puffing Billy Railway, Melbourne

This preserved steam railway track near Melbourne is only 2 ½ feet wide. Visitors have to dangle their legs on the side of the train as it travels through the Dandenong Ranges.

Hill Inlet, Queensland

At the northern end of Whitehaven Beach, you’ll find the swirling white sand and crystal blue waters of Hill Inlet, a truly beautiful work of nature.

Pink Lake, WA

Pink Lake is actually a pink lake, which makes it totally photo-worthy. It is pink due to the salinity, algae growth and temperature.

Boroka Lookout, Victoria

The lookout platform here overlooks mountain ranges, lakes and plains in the Grampians. Even better, it’s accessible by car!

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Yes, even sports stadiums make our list as Melbourne Cricket Ground is in the top ten of most Instagrammed locations in Australia according to the social media platform. It’s a must for any cricket fan!

Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

There are plenty of photo opportunities around the Blue Mountains, including the Three Sisters and waterfalls.

Babinda Boulders, Queensland

In the middle of a rainforest just south of Cairns is a popular swimming hole that has massive boulders, shaped over time by the running water. You will feel so small next to them!

The Big Pineapple, Queensland

Yes, there is a massive, two-story high pineapple in Queensland that has become a popular tourist destination over the last few decades. The Big Pineapple is seen on Instagram frequently!

Cape Byron Lighthouse, NSW

Australia’s most powerful lighthouse is still used today to help guide ships safely to shore. The large white cylindrical building certainly dominates the sky.

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Last updated: 11th April 2018

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