Bike Ute Tray

Transform your truck bed into the ultimate gear hauler with our ute tray accessories.

An empty truck or ute bed is a versatile storage area, but hauling things like bicycles, kayaks, and skis in that vast, cavernous space isn’t always easy or safe. Yakima has the right accessories for you to create usable storage in your truck for all your outdoor gear so that both your truck and your gear stay protected and safe.

Bike Accessories For Utes

Whether you want to create a versatile base-rack system perfect for the multi-sport family or figure out how to safely transport a truckload of bikes or boards, we’ve got you covered. Yakima’s system of rails and accessories attach to your ute’s bed and frame to safely secure all your gear while still allowing you to use your ute’s bed. You can create twice the storage in your ute bed when you build a low-height rack system that carries bikes, skis, boats, or boxes above your bed while preserving that valuable gear carrying capacity underneath.

Yakima also has the perfect solution for carrying your bike in your truck, with options that meet your needs. All of Yakima’s bike rack options for your ute give you a choice of different mounting and loading/unloading options. You can mount Yakima blocks directly to the bed of your ute or you can choose options that grip the sides of the ute bed with no need for bolting or drilling. Yakima also offers a protective cover for the tailgate, and you can hook your bikes into position quickly and securely. Our ute tray accessories even allow you to fork-mount your bikes for the ultimate in stable transport, too.

All of Yakima’s ute tray accessories will help ensure your gear doesn’t get damaged while you’re on the go (no more sliding gear for you!), and you won’t be adding to the scratches and dings to your vehicle anymore, either. Explore our bike and water ute tray accessories today to find the perfect solution for your gear dilemma.

Our boot and hatchback racks are durable and each is a one-piece system, so there's no need for complicated installation. Yakima rear-mounted bike racks use straps to secure the rack to your car’s boot or hatch, and each comes with padded supports to help protect your bike as you travel down the road.

With rugged construction and stylish design, all of Yakima’s rear bike racks will have you hitting the trail in no time without breaking the bank. Yakima never skimps on quality, so rest assured this rack will last. All of our rear bike racks feature ease of installation as well as storage when not in use, making these racks the perfect solution for many riders.