The Roof Rack That Can Carry Your Bike and Gear at the Same Time

Planning an adventure is fun, packing for it isn’t as much!

Trying to find room for everything can be frustrating and uncomfortable for anyone else in the car. This is especially true if you’re trying to carry a bike as well as other essential equipment. At Yakima, we have the perfect solution to keep your bike and equipment safe as you travel.

Introducing the LockN’Load Platform

Yakima’s LockN’Load Platform roof rack is the perfect answer to your cargo needs. Not only can it transport bicycles, but other gear as well thanks to its innovative design that allows for safe transport of multiple items.

Key Features

The Platform is made up of several slats that run east to west on the vehicle for better load distribution and great flexibility when it comes to choosing additional accessories. These slats have 21mm accessory slots for easy mounting of carriers and other add-on items, and the width is compatible with other Yakima roof rack accessories such as mount clamps for bikes.

The strength of the Platform with its reinforcements from the slats, corner inserts, and spine segments prevents it from ever sagging or bending. This superior construction of the platform allows it to handle whatever harsh conditions are thrown at it. The powder-coated aluminium is reinforced with additional e-coating in areas most susceptible to wear and tear to ensure extra durability.

Add-On Accessories

Everything you could need for your journey is available with an add-on for your LockN’Load Platform.

Loading and unloading your gear has never been easier thanks to the Yakima Load Roller, which adds extra protection to the crossbar and makes loading and unloading the Platform a breeze. For all of your general storage needs, the Accessory Bracket Kit is great to help mount any accessory.

Feel more comfortable with extra tie down points? The Eye Bolt Kit provides extra security; ideal for vehicles that are going off-roading. Even gas bottles can be transported safely on the LockN’Load Platform with the Gas Bottle Holder accessory. There is even a bottle opener that can be added to your Platform!

Browse our available accessories to accompany your LockN’Load Platform. You’re guaranteed to find what you need to transport all of your items, including your bikes and gear, to your destination without having to compromise on space.


Yakima also have other great roof racks and car accessories to help you get your outdoor equipment to its destination safely. From bikes and surfboards, to camping gear and more; we’ve got you covered so you can travel with confidence with your gear. Find out more about all we have to offer for your next adventure.

Last updated: 17th May 2018

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