Not only will your customers be impressed when you show up with a vehicle that looks like it means business, but you will be happy for the organisation it brings. Big, bulky items, especially if you’re not using them at the time, can get in your way if you’re looking for another piece of equipment. You have to take it out, find what you’re looking for, and put it back in and secure the vehicle again before getting on with the job. This takes time, and if the item is heavy, it may take two of you away from the job to move. Having certain items on a roof rack, like a ladder and trestles, will also be safer, especially if you have to climb in and out of the vehicle for various pieces of equipment. Transporting wood or something that is slightly longer or wider than your vehicle? Instead of waiting for a delivery, a roof rack can let you do it yourself. Clients will appreciate the extra efficiency, no matter how minor it may seem.


Under Australian law, roof racks for tradesmen do not need any special approval as it falls under “minor modification.” This is because no structural changes are being made to the actual vehicle. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a Roof rack, sometimes multiple racks are required to properly carry longer loads, three and four bars are not uncommon the vehicle, plus cargo should not be higher than 4.3m and any bulky items can extend more than 150 mm on each side.  The safe load carrying capacity can differ from vehicle make and model, also the number of bars fitted. All vehicle and roof rack manufacturers clearly call out the respective load ratings.

There are many accessories specifically designed to carry loads safely and securely, be sure to add the ones that will make your job easier and be the envy of those who don’t.


Costs that are related to running a business is often tax deductible. That includes your vehicle too. If you have a commercial vehicle that is used solely for business purposes, then you can write off 100% of the cost. Your modifications, such as the roof rack, can also be written off, as long as it is needed for business.

At Yakima, we want to be able to help your work fleet with roof racks that will help you get the job done faster. Not only will they keep your precious and often expensive equipment safe, but our roof racks for tradesmen also look great too, adding a statement about your business that shows you’re serious about the job. Contact us to see how we can supply your work fleet with the appropriate roof racks.

Last updated: 23rd October 2017

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