Yakima HangOver 4 Review 2020

Vertical mount systems are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to carry suspension fork bikes—a trend which is probably only going to continue to grow as more people try out systems like this one.

Smart, simple design

Carefully hanging your bikes vertically side-by-side on the rear of your vehicle, the neat and compact design of the Yakima HangOver 4 not only looks slick even when carrying four bikes, but it also does a great job protecting both your car and bikes from any damage.

The foot activated tilt feature makes loading your bikes on and off quick and easy, generally taking no more than about 30 seconds per bike. Each bike slots easily onto the rack, then you just need to fasten the wheel and fork mount straps and you’re good to go.

It’s also relatively simple to install, you’ll just need to do some basic assembly using the tools provided in the kit. It’s also easy to detach for storing when you’re done.

hangover 4 on back of ute

Secure and versatile

Your bikes are carried nice and tight with durable rubber straps to secure your bike to the padded triangle mounting bracket and wheel cups, doing a great job protecting your wheels and paint work. It’s also able to handle almost any size bike—you can flip the wheel cups to accommodate wheels from 24” to 29”, and you can also adjust the mast height to give your bikes the ideal clearance no matter what the length.

Whether you’re driving a car, ute or SUV, the adjustable mast angle allows you to tailor your set-up to suit the vehicle and make sure it can’t get banged-up. While it won’t be suitable if you’re driving an RV, it should work with most other vehicles with decent ground clearance and a hitch with a minimum 113 kg tongue weight.

A real winner for families or groups

The Yakima HangOver 4 really comes into its own on family road trips, or when you’re touring in a group with a few mates. While it still does a great job when you only need to carry one or two bikes, it’s probably overkill if that’s all you’ll use it for. You’ll only really see the value of your investment when you need to carry a couple of extra bikes.

Make sure you don’t let its sleek minimalist design fool you—it really does pack a punch, comfortably taking the weight of a full load while keeping your bikes safe and secure. Weighing in at nearly 30kgs, it’s not the lightest multi-bike carrier, but that’s just testament to the quality of its sturdy heavy-duty steel construction you know you can rely on.

Its handy backswing feature also means you still have easy access to everything in your boot without having to unload your bikes (a feature you won’t get if you go for the very similar Hangover 6 model).

Overall, a great buy if you need a multi-bike solution that’s reliable, practical and really easy to use.

Basic specs

  • Weight: 29.5 kg
  • Dimensions: L56 cm x  W117 cm  x  H152 cm
  • Bike capacity: Up to 4 bikes (weighing up to 17 kg per bike)
  • RRP: $849

  More info: Yakima HangOver 4

Last updated: 2nd October 2020

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