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We said you could ask them anything... and you did!


Joss Guyer


In places of extreme pain and desperation what was the one thing getting you out of that dome of relative comfort?


We asked it for…so we weren’t going to complain or give up on something we’d worked so hard for. Plus you didn’t want to let that other person in the tent down


Diane Haas Gillen


There is a poney under the ice some where? When the decision is made you can accomplish anything!!!!


What Poney??


Craig Fisher




Still waiting Craig…


Sharon Ladin


What's the next place/ obstacle you are going to cross together?


Love the question and we’re itching to answer but things are wrapped up for another couple of months for now…you’ll find out soon!


Leanne Mayer


I want to know that too. What expedition are you planning next?


As above.


Josh Prosdocimi


Do you think there will ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark?


Ha ha I think we’re fighting a losing battle there. Millions of years of evolution batting against us! Defintiely the shark!


Josh Swords


Do you feel that your two major expeditions stripped you back to who you really are deep down, and have you changed as a ocuse of that??


I think whilst you are on these expeditions it definitely breaks you down to the core of what makes you up and is great for you to self analyze yourself!


I don’t know if we’ve changed at the deep core of who we are BUT it definitely has given us a different perspective on life…minor annoyances aren’t anywhere as bad some of the situations that we’ve been in on our expeditions.


Gregory Smith


How are you planning to top the ‘Crossing the Ice’ expedition?


Top is a very dangerous word…I think if you get in the trap of trying to “top” the last expedition, you might find your self on an expedition where you have bitten off more than you can chew…



Lori Hinkel


Which expedition was more challenging? And did you enjoy one more than the other?


They both had their merits but the Tasman definitely had more light and fun. Antarctica was an extremely hard and brutal expedition – physically it was much much more demanding.


Cathy Kennedy


what vitamins, etc do you take to keep your brain strong/ocused while your are physically stressed/exhausted?


A good multi V, fish oil and ginseng!


Steve Joiner


What was the worst thing you had to eat on your expedition?


Hmmm on the big expeditions probably spicy thai green curry in a storm in the middle of the Tasman Sea – seasickness heaven!


On the smaller ones…water from a stagnant muddy puddle on the side of a fire trail. Also urine…(don’t ask)


Leanne Stokan


Do you think that the ability to mentally survive/desire/seek extreme adventure situations is intrinsic in some people, like a genetic predisposition, or is it something that can be learned? Physical fitness can be learned, but can the mental capacity be learned or are we born with it? (or in my case without it!!).


We think it definitely can be learnt. Although some people definitely have a head start and a faster capacity to learn/adapt.


We took a lot of progressive step to be able to build up to the big expeditions. Each one of the small trips, mini expeditions, “getting ugly” training sessions help build us up to be able to take on the conditions of the major expeditions.


It hurts a lot the first time you go through it but getting progressively easier the next time you encounter a similar hardship.


Mark Singleton


What has been your most handy piece of equipment you have used in your expeditions so far?


Hmmmm good one. The leatherman is pretty key – priceless in helping fix things along the expeditions!


Shane Price


How does the Antarctic Christmas fare in respect to where you guys are now? I understand a LOT has changed in the last two years for you both!


Huge Changes!


Cas’ll be in Perth enjoying the heat with his family, wife and 1 year old son, Jack.


Jonesy will be in the states with his fiancé chasing a white Christmas!


Although we’re happy to be in more comfortable environments – we’re definitely watching with some envy some of the cool expeditions happening right now!


Steve Dunn


Who’s idea was it for getting the Local School kids to put a message in the Food Packs ? I thought it was Brilliant ! What a stimulus for the Tired Explorer ..... Best Wishes Lads for Xmas & your next Challenge ...


Mia, Cas’ Fiance at the time organized it with her sister who worked at a school in Canberra…An absolutely brilliant balm for the tired soul!


Darren Rockwell


Did either of you talk about or seriously consider stopping at the Pole Science Station before the journey back?


We had talked about it earlier in the trip when things looked so bleak at Day 30 when Cas had a really bad skin infection in his groin and we were about 300km behind schedule…but we pretty quickly squashed that though and committed to at least pushing back as far as we could!


Aaron Hunt


I would like to do a expedition of my own how do you go about financing your adventures or do you guys have great jobs in between your expeditions in short how can I do what you do?
Great question – in short it isn’t easy. We ended up getting a lot of great sponsors on board to help us fund our expedition (although we put every cent we had into the first expedition).


Initially, we made so many mistakes. We treated our kayak expedition like a charity rather than a business proposition BUT you have to be able to add value to your sponsor.


Also you have to be passionate about the project you taking on because those sponsors will only invest in a project that you are committed to!


Richard Gordon


Did you see any surfing penguins? Was it cold? Lol


No Happy Feet out there unfortunately. The only penguin we saw out there was the penguin beanie that I gave to Cas!


Chris Lyons


Was there ever a time in walking to the South Pole when you guys were seriously about to kill each other?


Ha ha not seriously…but we had some pretty big blues out there. The biggest one was when Jonesy made my tea wrong in the morning one day…I mean seriously who puts the milk in before the tea bag!


That said, the arguments out there were more of a reflection of the rigours and hardship of the trip more than anything else!


Mark Heinz


On both of your major expeditions you have been as close to nature as I would imagine anyone could ever be. Could you please share your spiritual feelings and has what you have done given you a belief in life after death or strengthened the religious belief that you already had?


Jonesy and I both have a different take on this. For me, the isolation & unforgiving harshness of Antarctica drew me closer to spiritual fulfilment than I have felt back in normal life at home.


Ollie Sanderson


I am coming to australia in march and staying on the grest ocean rd with my family. Considering the limited time i will have available to actually do what i want (i have 2 boys under the age of 30 months) how would you recommend i make sure i have a mini adventure to remember my trip by? Bear in mind most of my holidays of the past 10 years have been spent mtbing, kayaking, climbing, mountaineering etc?


Great question! Adventure is a relative term and means something different for each and everyone of us. It sounds like you have spent a fair bit of time in the outdoors and are looking for a good solid family challenge! Not sure if you have got all your hiking gear with you but i hear the Great Ocean Walk (104km) is an absolute ripper and would be definitely something you would never forget! I first took our little boy Jack out on an overnight hike at 3mths old and we’re getting ready to do the Jatbulla Track in NT mid next year. Good luck!


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Last updated: 19th December 2013

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