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How often do you get to ask the guy who did a 72-foot backflip over a canyon a question? Our mate Kelly McGarry was kind enough to take some time to answer fan questions. Thanks to everyone who got involved and thanks to Kelly for being a top bloke!

Christian J DeVivero: What is your last thought before you leave the ramp?

I think it would have been …. “I cant wait for lunch” ahaha no actually  I was thinking  "Spin slow, Spin slow". There was plenty of time up there so I didn’t want to over cook the rotation.


Tristan Wood-Hill: How do you start off trying these tricks? , did you use a foam pit?, ramp into a dam? or just start launching off features?

Yeah Ramp into the lake is a good one and the more I travelled the more foampits and airbags I had access to. Its good to get the general idea of a trick into foam or water so you don’t have to smash your face in on the dirt.


Tuomas Virkkula: What is ur favorite trail bike?

I ride a Diamondback mission 5 inch travel trailbike …it’s epic! http://kellymcgazza.blogspot.co.at/2013/08/my-2013-rigs.html


Lewis Rees: what's the hardest trick you have learnt?

I always struggled with frontflips. It was hard to get them consistent, but I have them pretty sweet now.


Yannik Rommelfanger: When did you start with downhill?

I started DH racing a looooong time ago, when I was about 14 ….so…16 years ago ….whoa!


Charles Forkner: Why did you drink all my beer?

Ah one of my specialties, I may have been thirsty, or you may have left them in an unlocked location.


Chris Weekes: What is the average flight speed of a lesser spotted warbler?

Thanks for that question Chris , as an avid birdwatcher the Spotted Warbler has been one of the species I dedicated much of my life to observing. Going on my statistics gathered in  the previous 16 years I have calculated the average speed of this stunning creature to be 63.97871818188182 KPH (rounded to 14 decimal places). Thanks for your question and I hope to catch you for a cup of tea at a future bird watching convention. Cheerio.


Tim Hunt: Do you prefer pams or superpac wen shopping?

Hi Tim, thanks for the Question, I always like to stick with Pams products. Just such great Quality and at bargain prices!


Andy Patchett: have you ever thought of wearing lycra? as you would be more aerodynamic?

Thanks for that question Andy, I have thought about wearing lycra but I worry that I may break the speed of sound while riding and spontaneously human combust.


Steve McIntyre: When you studied at NMIT could you have tried harder?

Hi Steve, I actually think I tried fairly hard while studying at NMIT and can remember getting top of the class in a few tests??


Tane Rameka: What happened to your promising career in electronics?

Hi Tane, I think I was never cut out to be an electrician. My intelligence level and general state of mind was far more suited to riding bikes off cliffs. It was great to have you as a class mate though.


Cesar Castillo: that is the way how you hit 2 place on R. rampage f. awesome ?

Hmmm that is not really a question, But Thanks!


Ross Cracroft-Wilson: Why does my back itch?

I would have to know a few more circumstances but I could suggest that you may have been bitten by a north-eastern Himalayan red spotted dung Beatle causing a skin reaction making your back itch.


Guillermo Roda Larrabure: do you enjoy mountain biking in Peru? will you come back again?

I really enjoyed Peru , such an Amazing country with enormous mountains and a very different culture than that I am used to. The  riding was great, the people were great ..with out a doubt I will be back.


Derek Hildebrandt: Who forced you to barspin the right way?

Haha Some legend at woodward camp in California made me barspin the right way!


Gary J Smith: Have any Xena warrior princess fight moves influenced your riding style?

Hmmmm not really as I have never seen any of her moves, but I am sure they are great!


Jeff Hills: When rolling up to the ramp and knowing you were about to flip a 72 ft canyon, what were the last words that went through your mind?

Spin slow spin slooooooooooooooooooow!


Cory Eggers: How did you get the name Pams?

Haha Hi Cory, that was a nickname some of the kids on my bus gave me when I was about 12 years old because we weren’t that rich growing up and my Mum always used to buy Pams products because they were cheap. I always had them in my lunch and some of the guys on the bus just called me Pams. It stuck all the way through school which is pretty funny.


Mark Norris: How old were you when you started riding?

I was about 12 or 13 when I got my 1st MTB.


Ivan Ivanov: What was your best bike?

My Favourite bike is my Diamondback Scape goat http://kellymcgazza.blogspot.co.at/2013/08/my-2013-rigs.html


Charlie Jenkins: do you do any other sports?

Hi Charlie, Yeah I like to Surf when I get a chance, I love the ocean and camping so it works great. I also ride Moto and snowboard when Im around the snow.


Marco Richard Oder: So Whats your Favorit bikepark?

Hi Marco, my fave bikepark would probably be Queenstown bike park, I’m really proud to have such a great park and trails in my Backyard, come check it out! http://www.queenstownbikepark.co.nz/


Acs Artur: Why did u start mountain biking? Did u ever thinkabout to finish it?

I started Mountain biking because I love to be outside and going fast and getting off the ground. As long as I have a smile on my dial I’m not thinking about quitting.


Floris Dh Scott: Why do you love MTB, kelly?

MTB is the sport for me, I love riding natural terrain and putting your own style on what mother nature has to offer. Also the people on the MTB scene make being a part of it so good,  so many awesome characters out there rolling on bikes in them there hills!


Mark Bensemann: Ever landed on ur nuts?

Hi Mark, yes I have landed on my “Nuts” as you put it, several times. In fact I have actually severely bruised my testicles to the point they were entirely black and blue, which I strongly recommend against.


Luca Wuchner: What's riding for you. Your spirit. And how was the feeling during your insane backflip at rampage?

Hi Luca, riding for me is shredding with your friends and pushing your own limits, the flip felt great man!


David Rosales: Did you think about doing that insane back flip or it was just something that happened, it was impulsive?

Hi David, I planned the flip for sure, I think the reason it worked out ok was that I thought about it a lot before I did it.


Christian J DeVivero: What is the last thought in your head before leaving the ramp on this jump?

Spiiiin slooooooooooooowwwww


Franklin Aguayo: Are you wanting Red Bull Rampage to continue in 2014, and if not- Will you ever head back to ride Virgin, UT in the future?

Hec yes I want Rampage to continue for 2014 and even if it didn’t I would go back to shred. It's such an awesome part of the world!


Rick Jerrems: Who is your favourite miley or katy perry?

Hahah Katy Perry for sure.


Stephan de Penasse: Were you born crazy or did you catch the "virus" at a later age?

Nice going! HAhah, I think I was born Crazy, then I caught the virus as well.


Sam Maxwell: Have you been to reporoa and do you drink double brown???

Hahahaha Hi Sam, never been to Reporoa but if I did I would drink a Double brown.


Luke Akrigg: Can i have your bike if you die?

Not planning on Dying anytime soon , but if I do …OK


John Horman: Do you have plans to top an already amazing feat?

Hmmm Possibly!


Damian Dunajski: Is your hair the source of your might?

Hi Damian, um my Mop has magical powers for sure. I think it gives me lift on the big jumps.


Brendan Marshall: How in the hell do you work up to a gap like that? Is it WAY over the biggest backflip you've done before? Totally sick BTW...

Hi Brendan, I started with small jumps waaay back when I was knee high to a grasshopper, and slowly worked my way up. Yep was the biggest flip I ever did ..Yeeeow! cheers mate!


Lewis Taka: Where's your favourite place to ride in the north island?

Yo Lewis, my fav N.I spot used to be Island bay trails but now they are closed so probably now it would be Rotorua.


Orex Lumpar: Kelly, with balls that big, how do you sit down??

HAha I have custom made dining room seats with holes in the flat part so they can hang under, otherwise I just sit on em!


Oakley Brunt: Hey man, are you working on any new tricks? If not anything you would want to learn? Thanks man.

Hi Oakley  yeah man, Workin on a few tricks for the summer and keeping my old ones Dialled. I would love to learn no handed frontys!


Edward Gutierrez: How would you recommend attempting a backflip and a 360 for a first timer? Not in that order of course

Hi Edward , Find a ramp or build one and head down to your local lake or river and give it a go! (make sure the water is deep enough!)


Glen Strahan: Kelly you should have got first place. Your run rocked

Hahah cheers man, not sure about that. There were plenty of awesome runs that day, just stoked to be in one piece!


Quenton Hachiroku Frost: What goes through your head while your flying through the air upside down?

I try to stay calm and think about landing it and shreddin the next section.


Jacopo Tomassini: Wanna do it again?

Hell yeah!


Kolten Taylor: Where did you get the motivation/ balls to prepare and do the canyon gap? It's mind blowing 

Hi Kolten, I just wanted to do good at the comp and I love doing big jumps , so that’s it!


Kevin James Fife: Do you not own a belt or does Unit pay you to wear your pants around your ass like that?

Hi Kev , Unit doesn’t pay me to low ride my pants, I need a bigger butt to hold them up!


Jack Mcdougall: where the FUCK DID YOU PUT MY GLOVE??? (the black and white one up at Mt vic)

Hi Jack I cant remember ever Hi Jacking (haha get it???...ohh man ) your glove at Vic park but I will hook you up a new size XXL glove if I did.


Bryan Cohen: When are you getting a hair cut, Ya Hippie, Have a great christmass. Big bryan

Hahah Hi Bryan  …Not planning on choppin the mop any time soon!  I will cut my hair when Mike Arnold comes out of retirement and rides bikes with the boys again .Merry Christmas mate


Marcin Jodlowski: Kelly did u have a chance to try test that awsome BF days before the rampage started or was this the one and only?

It was a one and done job buddy!


Simon Smith: I love jumping, but can't seem to go bigger than a couple of bike lengths before I'm scared shitless. How do i conquer my fear of grievous bodily harm, to go bigger?

Hi Simon, mate you just have to start real small and work your way up, make a wooden ramp, jump the gap small then move it back as you get more confident. Also at some point you just have to “man up”!! yeeeow happy hucking!


Nathan Oconnor: Why is the sky blue? 

Hi Nathan, perplexing Question! I had to call on my vast science and astrology expertise. Sunlight reaches Earth's atmosphere and is scattered in all directions by all the gases and particles in the air. Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth's atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time. I hope that helps your inquisitive mind !

Last updated: 11th December 2013

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