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Image credit: Logan Martin
When it comes to technical tricks and impressive manoeuvres, Logan Martin smashes it. He's no stranger to world firsts and has won his fair share of big comps including Free Flow at Jaycee Park in 2011 and landing 2nd place at Simple Session. Logan took some time out from ripping up the ramps to answer your questions!


Chucky Thibeault, Hayden Kubler, Melvin Botteram, Kaden Lloyd, Seth Lulloff: What's your favourite trick to do and why? What are you trying to learn?
My favourite trick is a cork 720. The feeling of it is just insane!


Ethan Wallmann: What is the scariest trick you have attempted?
Definitely doing double flips is the scariest trick I have done.


Brandon Wesble: Where is your favourite park in Brisbane/Gold Coast?
Of course it's the GC Compound.


Tyler Mullinax, Kubajs Kolosílek: What did you have to do and how long did it take for you to become pro/sponsored?
I just rode as much as I can and tried learning as much as I could each time!


Alex Mills: What is the one bit of advice you would give to a beginner like me?
Have fun and do your best!


Omar Guizar, Konrad Hosteen, Mela Salazar, Finn Spannhake: What is your motivation?
To do the goals I have set myself.


Alec Rutherford, Jamie O'brien, Adrian Trenberth, Maik Schweizer: Which BMX rider were/are you most inspired by?
Brett Banasiewicz is an inspiration I would say to everyone!


Connor Daniel Ritchie: Just how do you do what you do? How does a person become that crazy?
Alot of practice and being able to know your limits.


Mitch Sears, Gustavo Stevanin: Do your tattoos have meaning and if so what are all the meanings? Who is the woman tatooed on your left shoulder?
I have the word 'Family' on the inside of my left arm and that is the only tattoo I have that has meaning. The rest is all just oriental artwork that I love!
Pablo Vane, George Glen: What was your first trick and first tattoo?
First trick I believe was a fakie up a quarter to half cab out and my first tattoo was a southern cross which is now covered.


Brodie McGregor: How do you get over the fear of doing something crazy???
Don't think about the bad things that could happen. Always think positive.


Hunter Mitchell: What's the worst injury you have ever had?
I have broken my collar bone which wasn't too good!


Jesse Carley: What's the hardest trick you have ever done and thought you couldn't even come close to?
Would have to be a 1080 barspin! Didn't think I would ever do something like that.


Jake Aspin: What’s the easiest trick to master?
For me it was probably a barspin.


James Wilde: What’s your best trick?
I love cork 720s.


Josh Marshall: What's your signature trick?
I wouldnt have a clue haha.


Ross Le-galloudec: What's the highest ramp you've been up?
A mega ramp roll-in. Not sure how high it was.


Connor Empson: What music do you listen to when riding (if you do)?
Just whatever is playing, but I do love rap.


Ezequiel Polanco Sivirian: What trick are you most afraid to do?
Double backflips.


Paulo Torres: What do you think about Jonathan Camacho?
He is a badass.


Avery Apel: What kind of car do you have your Yakima rack on?
Lexus is200.


Connor Harrison: Now that you’re back home, when do you plan on doing your next big edit?
I am unsure when my next big one will be, but I have a project in the works.


Josh Mcgraa: Who do you prefer to ride with? Todd Meyn or Kyle Baldock?
I have fun riding with both of them.


Lachie Douch: Is it worth switching your feet so you ride normal?
I guess depends on how you feel – whether you like riding like that or not. It would be a personal decision.


Ruddy Sánchez: We all know that you are amazing doing tricks. But as a professional rider what would you do to help riders from countries where the sport of BMX has little help? For example in my country Costa Rica, we don't have good skateparks, foam pits, resi for practice difficult tricks.
I dont think there is much I could do but if I was able to I would help for sure.


Courtney Williamson: Have you set yourself goals to get where you are or are you a fly by the seat of your pants kinda guy? 
I definitely set myself goals and motivate myself to achieve them.


Sam Bawdon: How do you get so good?


Vaggelis Limakis: How much time did it get to you to learn all the tricks?
7 years.


Aaron Chance: What's it like riding with all the pros?
The exact same as when you ride with all your friends.


Lucas Lage: What would you be doing now if you hadn't started riding?
I would most likely be doing capentry or something with an apprenticeship.
Jay Grant,Cristian Vega: What made to start riding?
Moved close to a skatepark.


James Campbell: Do you wake up and think that you’re going to have a good session? 
Of course! I'm always thinking positive.


David Gödecke: Did you have a point in your life where you realised you had the chance to become a BMX-Pro!?
Yep! That's when I knew I had to make some sacrifices!


Miguel Smajlji: Do you see bmx as your job?


Omar Guizar: Do you ever fear getting injured and not riding again?
I dont think about that at all.


Valentin Moisa: Do you think you will ride your bike after 20 years?
I hope so!


Jerobie Reed, Junior Infante: How old were you when you first started riding and what made you want to start?
I was 14 and I moved close to a skatepark and my friends went there.


Cristian Vega: When did you win your first contest? And how was it?
Late 2012 I won my first international contest which was in Paris. The Fise Spine mini ramp was the best thing ever!


Josh Mellor: How did you get noticed?
Riding as many contests as I could and always doing my best no matter whether it was a small or big comp.


Image credit: Logan Martin


Braden Phillips: What's your secret to being so good at bmx?


Taylor Hayden: Why did you choose to be a park / vert rider over trials and street?
Just what I grew up riding and what I had fun on!


Regan Williams: How often did you ride crestmead when you were small?
Everyday! After school and on the weekends.


Darry Kralik: Do you think double flair double whips will happen in the future? 
Anything is possible.


Louis Von Den Benken: What do you think about freecoaster?
They look like a lot of fun!


Fritz Geduhn: Have you ever done a world first?
I have done plenty!


Laurence Kenmore: What style rider do you prefer: dirt, park, or street?
Well, park because that's what I am haha.


Quinn Marshall: How do you stay fit while your off the bike? 
Gym, road biking, running.


Jamie Dunn: Do you ride competitively or for fun? 
I ride competitively for fun. Makes sense right?


Emilie Tat-Lack: Favourite tattoo?
I love them all.


Iskra Mejía Estrada: Have you ever tried downhill or enduro? If yes, what made you choose bmx in the end? If not, would you do it?
I would definitely like to give it a go.


Freddie Nowel: How many frames have you snapped?
I think i have snapped 2.


Jeff Edward Heath: Can you, or is it even possible, to do a 270 flip over a hip?
I have done it a few years ago, alot of people do it.


Nedelcu Gabriel: Who is your favourite rider in "street" section?
Chad Kerley!!!!!


Sam Denne: What was your biggest accomplishment in bmxing?
Getting invited to Dew Tour and Xgames!!


Jack Mccarty: Is it actually possible to earn a living as a professional bmx riding or do you have a side job?
Yep its possible!!


Steve Hadjicostas: You got any information about your hyper signature frame you can share?
 It will be out very soon! I will keep everyone posted!


Gabriel Lafleur Chartier, Rasmus Suni: Why do you ride brakeless now?
My bike feels more dialled and I feel better brakeless.


Aj Kroll: What is the greatest part of bmx riding and what pushes you to progress so much?
The freedom is amazing!!


Andre Strolchhaft Unterwegs: Hey Logan. Great riding you do lately. Massive style and bike-control. I see you with your taped up shoulder for a while now and wonder how the situation is with it. Don't you have to take some time of your bike to let it heal? Are you maybe sacrificing your health so you can ride?
yeah it's not too bad I just know my shoulders are weak. More of a mental thing while I was overseas. Now I am home I am strengthening them!!


Nick Barnett: Has dislocating your shoulder had a big impact on your riding, not just physically but mentally?
It hasn't affected me so far but it is a big mental game wondering when the next time they come out will be. But I am strengthening them every day.


Due to the overwhelming amount of questions Logan couldn't answer all of them personally - sorry to those who missed out! We'd like to thank everyone who got involved and wish Logan the best of luck in the next big comp.

Last updated: 11th August 2014

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