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Yakima continues its growth in the Australian market with the release of three new bike-carrying products – the FullBack, LiteRider 3 and WheelHouse. These three products are just the beginning of a flood of new Yakima gear onto the Aussie market over the next six months, with more carriers on the way (hitch-mount, roof fork-mount and more), as well as some exciting camping based product, to expand its already impressive range of bike and watercraft carriers, rooftop cargo boxes and roof-rack systems.
With summer’s Christmas/New Year holidays approaching, and the need to carry your family’s bikes to your favourite holiday destination, the release of these three Yakima products is timed perfectly – the LiteRider 3, especially, caught AG Outdoor’s eye.

LiteRider 3 RRP $469.00
Touted as Yakima’s lightest 3-bike tow hitch rack (fits 32mm and 50mm hitches), the LiteRider 3 features a robust (and rust-proof) aluminum mast and extendable arms combined with a steel hitch-base assembly. The LiteRider 3 is super-easy to install and take off your tow hitch-mount, with just a turn of the knob (dubbed a SpeedKnob) at the base of the unit tightening (and untightening) the rack. This knob is lockable via a Yakima SKS key (there is also an inbuilt braided steel cable that locks the bikes to the rack as well).
The LiteRider 3’s SuperCush ZipStrip cradles offer plenty of frame protection, plus they combine well with the rack’s anti-sway cradles to ensure minimal bike sway, thus stopping the bikes from banging into each other. The LiteRider 3 also tilts away to allow easy access to the rear of the vehicle. And, of course, the LiteRider 3 also includes Yakima’s signature bottle opened – surely the best bike-rack inclusion on the planet…

FullBack RRP $449.00
The FullBack is a new strap rack from Yakima that is aimed at owners of vehicles that don’t have a fitted tow hitch. Built with a steel frame, sand welds for increased strength, the FullBack fits sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and 4WDs easily. Only four straps are required to attach the FullBack to your vehicle and then it is just a matter of adjusting the pad points for the size/shape of your bikes, locking it all via the inbuilt SKS cable. As with the LiteRider 3, the FullBack includes Yakima’s SuperCush anti-sway cradles and ZipStrips to ensure a secure fitment of your bikes. The unit also packs up nice and compact (it weighs just 10.4kg) when not in use which makes storage a doddle.

WheelHouse RRP $95.00
For those who prefer fork-mounted roof-based bike racks, the WheelHouse is a great addition. Mostly, bike owners who use a fork-mount racks have to store their front wheel in the vehicle somewhere, robbing it of valuable cargo space. By fitting the WheelHouse, it allows you to utilise your vehicle roof to transport the wheel. The WheelHouse includes a Universal bar attachment clamp and includes two retention points for the wheel: the axel and via Yakima’s ZipStrips. You can also lock the wheel with an optional SKS lock. The WheelHouse will work all wheel/axel sizes up to a 29er wheel with a maximum width of three inches. The unit also folds down for storage and only weights 1kg, making for a great additional to your bike transport kit.

Last updated: 23rd November 2016

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