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RuggedLine has arrived By Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine

Originally published in Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

Yakima has launched its new platform mounting system

LockNLoad Platform on RuggedLine mounting system

Designed from the outset to carry heavy loads and look good while doing it, Yakima says RuggedLine is the new standard in 4WD cargo management.

The RuggedLine system is available now for a wide range of vehicles, with more fits coming soon.

The premium platform-to-vehicle mounting system has been designed and rigorously tested in the tough Australian outback.

Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for ultimate reliability, Yakima explains that RuggedLine is ready to be paired with its existing and proven range of LockNLoad Platforms.

Key features include:

  • Pivot mount ready: the powder coated stainless steel pivot mount means no special platform kits are needed.
  • Easy to install: tool access slots and the supplied ball and hex keys make install a breeze.
  • Easy to ID: each spine has the last four digits of the kit’s part number lasered in.
  • Easy to align: a left-right marker and front-indicating arrow make alignment a cinch.
  • Quality coated: powder coated using premium industrial coatings.
  • Premium badging: black chrome raised badging sets off the look of RuggedLine, announcing its presence without overwhelming.
  • Easy access: the hexagonal cut-outs provide space for a more comfortable usage experience.
  • Built to last, bent to fit: RuggedLine is laser cut, built from tough, corrosion-resistant 3mm 304-grand stainless steel. Each is then precision bent to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Cut-outs that stand out: the long hexagonal cut-outs visually tie RuggedLine to state-of-the-art vehicle design with angles, facets and creaselines.

4x4 Australia Yakima RuggedLIne adventureDesigned and extensively tested for off-road performance and wind noise in the tough Australian outback, Yakima says RuggedLine is “the new standard in premium platform mounting and when paired with its proven LockNLoad  platform, sees you ready to go anywhere.

Like RuggedLine, the LockNLoad Platform has also been designed and tested in Australia. It features side-to-side slats which act like crossbars for the easy mounting of most bikes, kayaks, ski mounts and more.

Also featured as part of the design are integrated T-slots in every slat and outer frame to allow the simple and secure attachment of T-slot and LockNLoad accessories, while an integrated wind deflector and push-down infill ensure wind noise is reduced.

For over four decades, Yakima says its trusted solutions have transformed the way people travel with a history of making bold moves in the name of new horizons.

Last updated: 1st June 2021

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