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RuggedLine Launches in New Zealand by NZ 4WD Magazine

Originally published in NZ 4WD Magazine June 2021

Join Yakima on its Journey

RuggedLine fit on Land Cruiser 200 seriesYakima’s story is more of a journey, because they’ve never been good at sitting still. After all, they don’t have wild sides; they have wild souls. For over four decades, their trusted solutions have transformed the way people travel. They’re leaders in their category, packing heritage, safety, design sensibility, and street smarts into every product.

Originally founded in the Pacific Northwest, USA and now with a home base also in Australia, they’ve got the great outdoors at their doorstep. From creeks to peaks, beaches to bush, the grounds they roam makes them feel at home. Together with their network of respected retailers and distributors around the globe, they give everyone the freedom to wander, the right to be unruly, and the
confidence to go more rogue.

Yakima has a history of making bold moves in the name of new horizons. They started as a small machine shop in their namesake city in Washington state. Then in 1979, Steve Cole and Don Banducci, hardcore kayakers and cyclists, acquired the company. By 1984, they put Yakima on the map at the Summer Olympics, decking out every race vehicle with original aerodynamic fairings. Today, they continue to lead the niche they helped establish so many decades ago around the globe—with the same enthusiasm for the widest skies and the open road.

It’s with this passion, that the Aussie team developed RuggedLine® - a premium platform-to-vehicle mounting system, designed and rigorously tested in the tough Australian outback. Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for ultimate reliability, RuggedLine® is ready to be paired with the existing (and proven) range of LockNLoad Platforms. The strength of RuggedLine also boasts a modern look design, functional hexagonal cut-outs and topping this off is premium spec automotive badging in blackened chrome.

The LockNLoad Platform is also designed and tested across the ditch in Australia for tough offroad conditions. Side-to-side slats act like crossbars for easily mounting of most bike, kayak, ski mounts and more! With the integrated T-slots in every slat and outer frame, for simple and secure attachment of T-slot and LockNLoad™ accessories. Another key feature is the included integrated wind deflector and push-down infill to ensure wind noise is reduced.

The Yakima LockNLoad Platform paired with the RuggedLine® mounting system helps you build out your vehicle to be the true adventure rig.

Last updated: 9th June 2021

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