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FoldClick bike rack review by Revolution Mountain Bike Magazine

This review of Yakima's FoldClick 2 and FoldClick 3 tow ball mounted bike carriers was originally published in [R]evolution Mountain Bike Magazine.

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Everything You Need To Know About Australia's Largest Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

Get your helmet and bike shorts ready while we look into Australia’s largest downhill mountain bike trail!! With overall intermediate ratings, we advise caution, however, get ready to have an intense amount of fun on these trails. Read on to find out which is the largest downhill trail in Australia.

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CYCLING JOURNAL: Yakima HighRoad Bike Rack Product Review

If you're a rider, it's likely that at some point instead of riding from home you’ll be driving to a destination. Let’s be frank, road trips are much better when you can take your bike along! Thankfully the good folk at Yakima have you covered.

Tasmanian Scuba Diving Spots You’ve Been Overlooking

You have your favourite dive spots. But, are you ready to explore spots you’ve never been to before. There are so many gorgeous places around Tasmania. The mild climate and the exceptionally clear waters help make the area perfect for diving.

Australia’s Best Sand Driving Beaches

Whether adventurers want to simply mosey along the beach and enjoy a relaxing drive or play harder with a thrilling ride up and down sand dunes and the need for 4-wheel drive, Australia has phenomenal driving beaches to explore. Sitting at home or in a hotel room and just looking at pictures online could never be the same as going out and experiencing the glorious outdoors that Australia has to offer in person. The key is knowing which beaches are the best for driving.

Advice For Remote Off-Road Driving

Off-roading is an increasingly popular activity that takes you and your vehicle past the limitations of the paved road to gravel and sand, across fields and valleys, to destinations beyond your wildest dreams. In the comfort of your vehicle, cross dry riverbeds filled with boulders, up mountains to beautiful vistas that take your breath away.