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Given the horror stories we've heard about people driving into their garages with a bike still affixed to their roof rack, we thought it would be in the interest of our readership to take a look at the rear-mounted Yakima KingJoe Pro. There are a number of advantages to carrying a bike at the rear of a car as opposed to the roof - with the aforementioned scenario a biggie. Another is that it frees up the roof space for your surfboard, kayak, snowboard or the like. So if you are going on holiday and have a lot of stuff to take, the KingJoe Pro could be just what you need. It is worth nothing, however, that is not recommended for use with carbon framed bikes, and bikes with a steeply slanting top tube may require the use of additional hardware that Yakima can supply.

Another advantage of this design is that it doesn't require any additional fixtures, such as a roof rack or tow bar, to attach it to your vehicle. This makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to transport one or more bikes.

As it is not designed to be fixed permanently to your car, one downside is that it takes time to attach and remove each time you use it. This is not difficult, though, and with a bit of practice could be done in less than a minute. The design is simple and the unit is lightweight and folds down for easy storage when not in use. While Yakima is relatively new to the Australian market, the company has been around in the States for about 40 years. This pedigree is evident in the design of the KingJoe Pro, which is well thought-out and versatile. We attached it to the back of a rather small hatchback and had no problems with the fit. While the KingJoe Pro won't suit everyone's needs, for some it'll be a godsend and well worth the price tag. Oh and did we mention it also features a bottle opener, so - once you've earned it-you can enjoy a cold craft beer, you swanky thing you!

Last updated: 27th June 2014

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