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Yakima Skybox Pro 18


An extra 510L of storage for a family of six on the road is a godsend. Actually it's the difference between leaving someone behind or towing a heavy trailer. Accommodating upwards of 25kg of cargo, the Skybox Pro 18 enabled our large family and luggage to fit in one vehicle, mainly due to the fact that as bulky, light cargo did not occupy valuable real estate inside the vehicle. With its shiny black onyx finish and wind drag-reducing aerodynamic shape, the Skybox Pro looked impressive atop the family 4WD. Its quick installation mounting hardware meant that attaching the box to our Whispbar was easy and didn't need tools. Mind you, at due to its large dimensions233.7cm x 91.4cm x 40.6cm, it was handy having someone to help put it on the roof was appreciated. Super latch security provides peace of mind and the stiff lid enables easy single-handed opening and closing.

Stockists: Call 1800 143 548 or visit

Whispbar Rail Bar

From $329 (dependent on vehicle size)

A roof rack shaped like a plane wing has to be aeronautically efficient. The Whispbar is just that and not only reduces air drag by 70 per cent but also lives up to its name and is "whisper quiet".

With the assistance of my 12-year-old son, I fitted the bar version to our existing car roof rails in less than five minutes.

The supplied fitting kit makes it really easy to make adjustments and the locking mechanism that comes standard provides added security. The Smartfoot system ensures the simplicity of transferring the bar to other vehicles.

Stockists: Call 1800 143 548 or visit

Last updated: 12th November 2013

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