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With mountain bikes coming in all shapes and sizes, you’ll often hit issues when it comes to finding a suitable roof mounting system. Fork mounted racks need different adaptors for all the axle standards while frame clamping systems hit major hurdles when it comes to dual suspension bikes or carbon frames that don’t mirror a traditional form. The Yakima HighRoller circumnavigates all this by clamping the front wheel—something common to all bikes. Two adjustable jaws pull down on the wheel and hold it in place while the rear wheel is cinched down with a single strap. It’s said to fit all wheel sizes from 20 up to 29-inch and tyre widths op to 3.00. It also features a built-in cable lock to keep your bike secure. The HighRoller sells for $299 and fits both round and square rack cross bars (adaptors are also available for aero-style roof racks).

Last updated: 12th November 2013

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