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Those of us who aren't close enough to ride to the trails must either dismantle our bikes into the boot, muddy up the back of the car, or maybe put them on a roof rack system, hitch mount, or some other carrying device. We have all seen some amazing, and some shocking setups out there. DIY isn't always a good idea! Yakima make a great range of bike carriers, designed by people who are active, and know what works. They also support two of our best mountainbikers, Paul Van Der Ploeg and Bec Henderson. Both riders travel Australia and the world extensively, and need to be able to transport their bikes safely and securely. AMB and Yakima Australia would like to help you ou, if your current set-up lacks security, safety and panache. In 25 words or less, recall your bike transport nightmare. Send your response to, and the best entry will win a Takima King Joe Pro 3 and a Yakima Top Tube, valued at $229 and $49 respectively.

Last updated: 17th July 2014

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