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The Yakima High Roller is a 'mount the whole bike' affair, so nothing dirty besides you to get in your car. The High Roller clamps the front wheel, leaving any arguments about clamping lightweight frames (carbon or otherwise) at the trailhead, along with axle or brake caliper clearance issues. A big glove friendly dial compresses the front tyre into the front of the rack, which can be adjusted for 20" wheels up to 29" wheels. It's not fatbike friendly as yet. Care is needed to make sure the mount compresses forward, and doesn't life the wheel. With one hand on the wheel pulling it forward and the other tightening the dial this is easy. The full track runs back to the rear mount, which was capable of dealing with full size MTB tyres and a tall carbon rim. The racks have been dependable, although I felt that due to the attachment a MTB looked more solid in there than my roadbike-perhaps due to the dampening effect of the higher volume tyre. For long trips away, the added security of being able to add lock cores to the mount so you can lock your bike on is a bonus - it's some peace of mind when stopping for a meal. Having fitted these to a new-for-me car earlier this year, I'm really pleased with being able to get the back seats of my car back, making a lot less hassle, and my car alot cleaner. I just try to remember they are up there!

Mike Blewitt

Last updated: 17th July 2014

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