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11th November 2014

Words & Photo: Pat Howard

Yakima has been making bike racks forever, and the Holdup 2 is their latest and most evolved offering. The Holdup 2 fits a square 50mm towing mount only. If you can change your stem then assembling and fitting the Holdup will be a breeze. The Holdup box weighs a ton, but once opened an assortment of beefy gloss black steel bars and purposeful ratchets and handles awaits.

The Holdup is secured with a single 17mm head bolt. Using the supplied stamped steel wrench was fiddly and awkward; we’d buy a 17mm socket immediately after buying a Holdup. Yakima supplies a keyed lock for the bolt to deter theft, as well as integrated wire loops for the bikes, also secured with keys. Once fitted the Holdup can wriggle about in the female 50mm tube, which was initially concerning. On the road and over bumps the Holdup 2 moves very little, as the bikes weigh it down.

The Holdup 2 transports 2 bikes very well. A strap and ratchet secures the rear wheel into a short tray, which pivots to ensure it holds the tyre perfectly. The front wheel sits into a retractable cradle, and a ratcheting arm clamps your front tyre down to keep things in place. Frames with weird shapes, mid frame braces or shocks, or super thin carbon tubes will fit the Holdup 2 as easily as a traditional hardtail. Ours stayed out over dirt roads, and our bikes arrived as securely clamped as when they left.

The Holdup 2 takes a good 5-10 minutes to install, and adds substantial length to any vehicle, but the downsides end there. Fuel economy is better than a roof rack, and there’s no chance of driving into a garage with a bike on your roof. Riders with tall cars will love being able to mount and remove their bike without having to precariously lift it over their head.

If we had our way we’d love to see some kind of mounting system that didn’t rely on five minutes of awkward spanner work, and the lack of any provision to mount a number plate seems to be a significant oversight. The Holdup 2 feels like it’s built to last, it’s easy to use, and most importantly it transports your bikes in safety.

Easy to mount bikes,
Tough and won’t damage your bike
Integrated security

No number plate mount
Obscures tail lights
Labour intensive fitment will deter casual use

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